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Peach Blossom Double Early Tulips

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Tulipa Peach Blossom

Peach Blossom tulips flower in April and one of their real selling points is how long the flowers last - giving you real bang for your buck. They are, unsurprisingly, that fresh pink and white of peach blossom with a central creamy white whoosh flushing out into brushstrokes of a deep, pink blossom colour. As with all Double tulips the flower looks like a bowl full of ruffled layers of petals making it appear very like a peony, but at the wrong time of year. The blue-green lanceolate leaves set off the flowers perfectly and the stem is relatively short and sturdy.

Orchard colours

The colouring of this tulip, so redolent of nursery rhymes and a smidgeon of Cath Kidston, makes this a really pretty, feminine flower. With flowers this size and shape it can still hold its own in a herbaceous border surrounded by other perennial shrubs that are yet to flower but combines particularly well with Muscari which flowers at the same time. Tulips look great in pots and you can plant layers of different bulbs in each pot to create an ongoing display or to combine different bulbs to flower simultaneously. The pink and white of Peach Blossom calls out for some contrasting purple - the Triumph Tulip Negrita or Purple Prince would be splendid. Alternatively replicate an orchard and plant the cherry-pink Lily tulip Yonina with it. If all this girly pink seems a bit much and you want  a more grown-up scarlet woman - have a look at the wonderful Tulip Abba. Finally its the short, strong stems ensure that it is an excellent cutting flower.


  • Height: 25-30 cm
  • Colour: Pink & white just does not do it justice...
  • Flowering time: April
  • Size of flower: up to 10 cm
  • Group: Double Early
  • Bulb size: 10/11 cm
  • Foliage: blue-green

Bits and Bobs about Peach Blossom

This tulip has been around having been first introduced in 1890. This staying power bears out the reverence that the Chinese have for peach blossom in general because it appears before the foliage emerges. This pre-emptive flowering confers extra powers on Peach trees in Chinese mythology.

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