Pepinex F1 Cucumber Plants

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General Info Self fertile
Shade Full Sun
Soil Good, Well Drained
Colour Green
Fruiting Indoor

Cucumis sativus Pepinex F1

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Cucumis sativus Pepinex F1 Cucumber Plants, p9 Pots

Pepinex is a reliable self-fertile, all female greenhouse variety, bred for the British climate. The long fruit are quite smooth with slight ridges, the skin is thin, and the flavour is mild with no trace of bitterness.

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  • Type: Greenhouse.
  • All female: self fertile, no need to remove male flowers.
  • Smooth, long fruit. Mild flavour, no bitterness .
  • Crops June - October
  • F1 Hybrid
  • Disease resistance: Powdery Mildew
  • Position: Full sun, sheltered.
  • Soil: Rich, moist, well drained.

Growing Pepinex Cucumbers

Greenhouse cucumbers require a consistently warm and humid environment to perform well: you should get decent results outdoors in a good summer in most of the country if you mist your plants regularly, but a greenhouse or polytunnel is best.

Rich, well drained, but consistently moist soil is essential for these heavy feeders to thrive, so it is best to water frequently. Our veg gro bags accommodate three or four plants.
When fruit starts to form, feed your plants every 14 days with our tomato feed.

This is a self-fertile, all female variety, so there are no male flowers to remove as with some other greenhouse types.

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Bareroot planting is best done between November and April
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