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Foxgloves (Digitalis) are some of the most evocative British summer flowering plants. They push up spikes of flowers up to about 100cm tall in June and July. Each spike can carry over 100 trumpets which open progressively over a period of 4-6 weeks.

These plants are native woodlanders and all are biennial, establishing in their first year and then flowering, seeding and dying the next. They are happiest in well-drained soil with plenty of available humus and in a spot which is semi-shaded where the flowers last longer, although they grow well in full sun.

We would recommend that you don't deadhead - at least for a couple of years. Digitalis produce massed of seed which germinates easily. If you leave them to self-seed, they will start popping up in places around your garden where they like it best. Those tend to also be the places where they look their best. A really worthwhile group to add to our herbaceous plant range.