Hedging Roses

Some shrub and wild roses are enormously tough and disease resistant. They are therefore ideal for planting in areas where they will get little TLC. They can be clipped just as an ordinary hedge is, using the same tools. So they can also be interplanted with other hedging plants. This is our pick of the best... And they are some of the unsung heroes of our collection of bareroot roses.

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  1. Rose de Rescht
    • Colour: Bright Pink.
    • Shape: Full double, globular.
    • Scent: Strong.
    • Flower Period: Repeating.
    • Height: 1m
    From £10.74  Inc VAT

    Out of Stock - Ordering from September

  2. Rosa glauca - 40-80cms plants

    • Wild rose, grey & purple leaves.
    • Grows on chalk & the coast.
    • Good for mixed country hedging.
    • Max. Height: 3m
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Mar.
    • RHS AGM
    From £2.34  Inc VAT

    Out of Stock - Ordering from September

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