Raspberry Plants & Canes

Our soft fruit range includes raspberry canes come in two categories. Most raspberries fruit on the wood produced the previous summer. These are categorised as Early, Mid and Late season fruiting raspberries. Autumn Fruiting Raspberries are bushier, do not need straining wires and fruit on the current season's growth albeit only in autumn. Whichever you choose, our raspberry plants are all Certified stock, grown from virus tested parent material in the UK and are guaranteed and are ready to order now.

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  1. Autumn fruiting raspberry: Autumn Bliss is an autumn fruiting variety
    • Fruits on current year's growth
    • Crops from late August - October
    From £1.05

  2. Mid Season: Best choice for less well drained soils (root rot resistant). From £1.05

    • Height: 1.6 m
    • Spread: 50cm
    • Flowering: May
    • Fruit: red/orange and large
    • Use: dessert/culinary
    • Taste: sweet/strong
    • Picking: August - October
    • Spacing: 50 cm apart and 2m between rows
    From £2.05

  3. Mid Season: Nearly Thornless and Upright plants.
    • Crops through July
    From £1.05

  4. Early Season Raspberry Canes:
    • Crops from mid-June to July
    • Thornless
    From £1.05

  5. Mid-Late Season Raspberry Canes:
    • Crops from July to August
    • Few Thorns
    • Good disease resistance.
    From £1.05

  6. Early Season: Aphid Resistant Raspberry
    • Crops from June - Early July
    From £1.05

  7. Very Late Season: The best autumn fruiting / primocane raspberry for freezing.
    • Fruits on stems that grew that year
    • Crops from late August - October
    From £1.05

    • Height: 1.5 m
    • Flowering: May
    • Fruit: red, firm. sweet
    • Taste: dessert/culinary
    • Picking: July
    • Spacing: 60 cm apart and 2m between rows
    From £1.05

  8. Late Season Raspberry Canes:
    • Thorny.
    • Upright plant & heavy cropper.
    • Crops from Late July into August.
    From £1.05

  9. Early autumn fruiting.
    • Fruits on current year's growth
    • Very Sweet.
    • Excellent crop size.
    From £1.05

    • Pot grown
    • Height: 1 m
    • Flowering: April/May
    • Fruit: red, firm, sweet
    • Taste: dessert/culinary
    • Picking: June-July
    • Spacing: 1 plant per 10 litres of compost
    From £7.27

    • Height: 1 .5 m
    • Spread: 50 cm
    • Flowering: April/May
    • Fruit: large, red, firm, sweet
    • Taste: dessert/culinary
    • Picking: June-October
    • Spacing: 70 cm to 1 m
    From £3.15

    • Firm, dense fruit.
    • The latest cropping (summer fruiting variety).
    From £1.05

  10. Mid-Late Season: Tulameen crops through July & into August. From £1.05

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Received the order yesterday and planted today! Good quality trees and roses. Many thanks RogerRoger
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