Stockbridge Arrow Rhubarb

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Misc Self fertile
Soil Acidic
Fruiting Late Season
Type Cooking

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Rheum Hybridum Stockbridge Arrow Rhubarb Plants

Description of Stockbridge Arrow Rhubarb Plants:
This modern, late season variety is the best tasting of the rhubarbs, has lovely red stalks and grows really vigorously. Although late cropping, Stockbridge Arrow responds very well to forcing and will produce almost lipstick red stems in those conditions. It gets its name from the arrow-head shaped leaves.

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Growing Stockbridge Arrow:
As with all rhubarb, deep, rich soil with good drainage is important. Rhubarb roots grow deep so good preparation pays dividends - dig in plenty of good manure and compost before planting. If rhubarb crowns are too damp in winter, they will rot and die, so if there is any doubt over drainage mound the rhubarb bed so the crowns are above ground level and never cover them with mulch. A crown is a fleshy piece of the centre of a rhubarb plant that will make root and develop into a full size plant over the following 2-3 years.

The ideal soil for rhubarb is neutral to slightly acidic; it will tolerate quite acidic soil, but yields will be smaller. Chalk or limestone soils are less suitable and need more improvement.

Spacing: Plant your Stockbridge Arrow about 90cms apart in a sunny position; rhubarb hates the shade.

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History & Parentage of Stockbridge Arrow:
This fairly new variety was bred by the Ministry of Agriculture's Experimental Station at Stockbridge House, Yorkshire. It quickly became popular with traditional Yorkshire growers, who are known for producing the best forced, indoor crops. Along with Timperley Early, it is one of the most popular varieties used by these farmers producing a later but higher quality crop.

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