Compact, Double Cropping Sugana Raspberry Plants

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Misc Self fertile
Area Scotland & The North
Fruiting Mid Season Fruiting
Type Eating

Raspberry - Sugana
Rubus idaeus Sugana

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Sugana Raspberry Canes - Double cropping Raspberries

In Sugana raspberries, fruit breeders have, at a stroke, removed whole swathes of gardening lore. Forget autumn fruiting or summer fruiting and the different pruning and all that stuff. Unlike the raspberries we all grew up with, Sugana fruits both early and late and has a really easy pruning regime. The canes that fruit with sweet and very large raspberries in autumn should NOT be cut down. Instead, those very same canes will produce more fruit for you in the summer and only then do you remove them. Brilliant! Meantime there are new canes popping up to tie in to provide the autumn crop.

Raising your raspberry canes

Raspberry canes are no longer the prerogative of large kitchen gardens, although that helps and for those with the room there is nothing like a fruit cage, netted tautly against pillaging birds. But canes like Sugana can be grown in pots on your terrace or patio as well. Just keep on top of the watering and protect your raspberries from the birds and you will be kilos of raspberries per year the richer every season. Raspberries can cope with a little shade but will definitely fruit better where it is sunnier. Feed your raspberries with an all round fertiliser in the spring, or dig in some well-rotted manure to improve your crop. It is always fun to grow more than one variety of any soft fruit so have a look at the other raspberry plants that we stock, and if you plant a redcurrant like Junifer you have the makings of summer puddings and jams, ratafias and cordials, vinegars and coulis without going anywhere near a supermarket.


  • Height: 1 .5 m
  • Spread: 50 cm
  • Flowering: April/May
  • Fruit: large, red, firm, sweet
  • Taste: dessert/culinary
  • Picking: June-July and Sept-October
  • Spacing: 70 cm to 1 m

Raspberry trivia

The name raspberry is said to come from a wine that was popular in the fifteenth century with a beautiful pink, rose colour called raspise. Although we always think of raspberries as being red, there are now white, yellow and even black varieties out there.


Planting times for barerrot plant is November to April
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