Tom Putt Apple Trees

Key Data
Misc Multi Purpose, Pollinator, Spur Fruiting
Colour Multicoloured
Pollination Group Pollination Group C
Fruiting Mid Season Fruiting
Type Cider / Perry, Cooking

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Tom Putt Apples, Jeffreys Seedling

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Tom Putt Apple Trees - also sometimes called Jeffreys Seedling produce large, rather flattened red, shiny apples with the odd green patch. These are handy apples to have around. Not only are Tom Putt apples superb cookers, with a light flavour and melting-sweet texture, they are also an ideal choice for the sharp element in a blended cider. Finally, they are also easy to juice, making tangy rich flavoured juice. A Tom Putt tree is a real trooper; it is vigorous, begins cropping young and bears large, steady harvests year in, year out on branches that have a spreading habit. Their crowning glory in our book, however, is that they are very resistant to scab, which is probably the biggest problem for people growing apples and pears in warmer, damper areas of Britain. They are named after the Reverend Tom Putt, who was the Rector of Trent about 200 years ago. In a warm year, you might get some fruit at the end of August. They store well and should see you through till Christmas.

Pollination Partners for Tom Putt

Crab apple Trees- are naturally the best pollinators, flowering long and hard enough to supply an orchardwe recommend a breed like Golden Hornet. If you would rather use another apple tree, any fertile variety in Groups B-D of the Apple Tree Pollination table will work.

Tom Putt Rootstocks

We use MM106 rootstocks for all our apple Trees- because they are specifically bred for use in Britain and give you the most control over the shape of your treethey are dwarfing enough for fans, espaliers and cordons, while still allowing you to end up with a healthy 4-5 metre tree that you can drive a lawnmower underneath.

If you are unclear about fruit tree sizes take a look at our Guide to Fruit Tree Sizing

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