Vegetable Plants for Sale

UK Grown Tomatoes, Peppers & Squashes

We won't enter into any debates on whether tomatoes are fruit or vegetable. For the purposes of this category, they are definitely veg. In this section, you can find a small selection of carefully chosen seedling plants - mainly sold in 9cm (P9) pots. All are grown here, in the UK from - wherever possible - organic seed. We use peat-free compost and biological controls, again where possible. Almost all vegetables are either annuals or so tender that they don't overwinter and so should be grown afresh each year. For that reason, their availability is extremely seasonal and so, especially in the winter months choice here may be a little thinner than in spring and summer.

Free delivery on orders over £100. Please note that annual plants are not covered by our year guarantee, because they are not supposed to last that long! 

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