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Vegetables are the opposite of fruit trees in many ways: they are short-lived, fairly high maintenance and, starting from seed, are capable of giving you big crops in one growing season. 

Almost all vegetables are either annuals that must be grown afresh each year, or (like peppers) so tender that they don't overwinter outdoors. For that reason, their availability is extremely seasonal and so, especially in the winter months, choice here may be a little thinner than in spring and summer. Our carefully chosen seedling vegetables are mainly sold in 9cm (P9) pots.

Most vegetables fall into two categories: F1 hybrids, and open pollinated cultivars. Hybrids are unlikely to come true from seed, so there is not much point saving their seeds if all you want to do is grow nice new plants the following year. Open pollinated cultivars do come true from seed (with tiny natural variations, as with any organism), so saving their seeds is a reliable way to grow the same variety the following year.
Because seed companies make more money from F1 seeds than open pollinated, they market the former harder. The reality is that plenty of open pollinated varieties are as good or better than F1's, and they are both worth trying for yourself! 

Our range of herbs has all the staples like mint and rosemary, and a few less common plants to experiment with. All our herbs are sold as maxiplugs in packs of 5 plants unless otherwise stated (and apart from bay leaf trees, which are also herbs). They are best potted up on receipt into a small pot where they can be grown on for about 4 weeks before planting out when all risk of frost has passed.

Wherever possible, we use organic seed in compost with biological pest controls. We aren't at 100% yet, but every year we get a bit closer. 

Please note that annual plants are not covered by our year guarantee, because they are not supposed to last that long! 

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