Hanging Basket, 35cm Coco

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Area Scotland & The North
Colour Multicoloured
Type Pot Grown
Ornamental Repeat Flowering
Flowering Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul

Instant Hanging Basket, 35cm Coco

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Ready mixed flowering plants in a 35cm Coco Lined hanging basket

Bring months of colour into your garden, small or large, with our range of hanging basket displays. This is our popular coco-lined version using coconut coir as a base. Instead of having to create your own arrangement, we have filled it for you with a beautiful, seasonal mix of colourful bedding plants we think are the best available at the time and will work in the basket well. The display will last right up until the autumn if you look after the plants well (see growing guide).

Ideal for hanging in any sunny location.

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  • 35cm hanging basket
  • Filled with a colourful mix of flowering annuals
  • Coconut coir outer lining
  • Plants include colourful combinations of red geraniums, mixed petunia picobellas, variegated nepetas, yellow bidens and more

Growing Hanging Baskets

Most summer bedding plants need the sun since they are often tropical in origin. And because they are packed in small containers they need more moisture and nutrients than their cousins in the ground. Once you know this, and with a little care, these plants will be highly rewarding and last throughout the summer through to the first frost.

The important thing to remember is to water well, especially during dry periods, rather than spritz regularly so that the water reaches the roots. You need to aim for a moist but not water-logged soil and avoid drying out. They will require regularly feeding to restore spent nutrients and for that it is better to use a liquid fertiliser so that you can combine the process with watering once every other week or so.

To maintain a fresh look to the basket and a consistent supply of new blooms, scissor-cut crisped up or expired leaves and deadhead old flowers. You need to do this because once flowers start to fade, they release a hormonal signal to the plant that can cause it to stop producing buds and concentrate on creating new seeds instead. Regular deadheading therefore means a regular outcrop of new luscious blooms and a great looking display.

You may need to protect from late season frosts. To do this you ideally need to place them in sheltered spots, which works well for hanging baskets anyway, or cover them in fleece during fragile days or bring them indoors.

In Your Garden Design

Hanging baskets are a superb way to brighten up patios, balconies, doorways, pergolas and fences. If you are short of space in your garden or don't have much of one even, they are an ideal way of satisfying the green-fingered element in you. They also add a "whole new level" of interest in your garden, as the Royal Horticultural Society puts it, simply because they allow you to use vertical space and draw the eye upwards which is one of the key elements garden designers need to consider - not just colour and composition but height too. Gardens are after all a three-dimensional space.

We love an abundance of traditional hanging flower displays rather than just single versions so that you can almost create a border effect on a wall. But contemporary gardeners prefer a more minimalist, linear approach, and some, such as Adam Shepherd who is famous for his 'living walls', have even found ways of creating living gardens by designing spherical spheres of greenery (see description in our two-tone hanging basket version). A classic and popular way of using hanging baskets is to pair on either side of an entrance. Coir-lined hanging baskets are one of the most popular in hanging basket displays.

Did You know

There is a pub in Kensington, London, called The Churchill Arms which is a tourist attraction thanks entirely to its display of hanging baskets, window boxes and flowers. At the last count, there were 100 flower pots, 48 window boxes and 42 hanging baskets, and it is said to cost in the region of £25,000 per year to fill them with flowers. Its display is so magnificent that it has won an award at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. It is called The Churchill Arms, not because Churchill made wartime speeches there as a blue plaque at the pub declares, but because Churchill's grandparents, the 7th Duke of Marlborough and his wife Lady Frances Anne Emily Vane, drank there in the 1800s and after WW2 this fact was commemorated in the name.

We are not sure how long it takes to water the flowers at The Churchill Arms, but we know it is a very good watering hole.

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