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  1. Bamboo canes - 90cms

    Bamboo Canes

    From £0.07
    Bamboo Canes - 90cms

  2. Buckle and Strap Tree Tie

    Buckle and Strap Ties

    From £0.48
    Buckle and Strap Tree Ties
    • Rubber strap with buckle & buffer.
    • Buffer prevents tree from rubbing against its stake.
    • Used with tree stake for all large trees.

  3. Hose Porous (kit)

    Hose Porous (kit)

    From £24.95
    Kit of leaky pipe and associated fittings for efficient watering.

    Out of Stock

  4. Spiral with supporting cane (not included)

    Spirals, Perforated

    From £0.15
    Clear Spirals, Perforated. Recycled plastic guards to protect young hedge plants and trees against rabbits and other bark eating vermin....

  5. Stout Tree Stake for standards and fruit trees (tie not included)

    Stake, Tree

    From £2.75
    Tree Stake - 150cm x 5cm
    • Rounded & treated.
    • Necessary for all standard ornamental trees.
    • Also for half-standard & bush sized fruit trees.
    • Needs be used with a rubber Buckle and Strap Tree Tie

  6. Stakes for tree guards and maiden fruit trees

    Stakes, Softwood for Tree Guards 32x32mm

    From £0.39
    Small stakes for use with tree guards
    • These stakes support the Ashridge Tree Guards.
    • Two sizes for large & small tree guards.
    • NOT suitable for supporting large trees.

  7. Ashridge Trees Guard. 60cm and 120cms. Stake not included

    Tree Guard, Ashridge

    From £0.59
    Tubular Guard for protection against rabbits and muntjac deer

  8. Tree Guards for Standards and established Trees

    Tree Guard, Heavy Duty

    From £1.69
    The best guard for an established tree or a bare root standard

  9. Planting pack - mulch mat, pegs, stake and tie

    Tree Planting Pack

    From £5.45
    All the accessories you need to plant a large tree, i.e. any Ornamental Standard or Bush or Half-Standard fruit tree.

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