RocketGro is the best organic mulch and compost we have ever tasted: a treat for your hedge, and indispensable for your veg when your home compost supply is finished. 100% peat and animal product free.

  • RocketGro Soil Improver: Dig this fibrous compost into dry soils to improve water retention, and into clay-rich soils to improve water infiltration. On "pure clay", there is not so much in point digging compost into a small area, therefore easy slit planting is usually best. To improve clay on a larger scale, use a tractor to plough in a mix of compost and grit (not sand).  
  • RocketGro Magic Mulch: Spread this over the surface, especially when the soil warms up in Spring and you have hoed any weeds while they are still small.
  • RocketGro John Innes Multi Purpose: Fine grade compost for containers of ornamental plants in general. Use it as potting compost for everything.
  • RocketGro Fruit & Veg: Rich compost for fruiting plants, whether for filling pots or digging into the soil before planting.
  • RocketGro Tomato & Veg planter: Comes in a handy 60 litre gro bag. Extra rich compost, used for the hungriest annual crops.