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Celebration Maple Trees

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Soil Alkaline/Chalky
Also Good Autumn Colour

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Celebration Maple Trees

Acer x freemanii Celebration is fairly narrow and upright, suitable for most gardens and roadside planting. Its best feature is the autumn colour, which has been described as "shrieking scarlet". As well as a top notch autumn colour display, Celebration Maples have little red flowers appearing in April, followed by vibrant green leaves in summer. They have a convenient habit of naturally maintaining a neat upright pyramid that does not require pruning to keep in shape. The branches are well formed and not likely to break under pressure from strong wind or loads of snow which makes them well suited for exposed positions. Celebration Maples are all male clones and so do not produce seeds, saving you the bother of having to deal with unwanted saplings each year. Acer freemanii Celebration is a medium sized tree reaching about 45 feet, 15 metres, with a canopy width of about 7 metres.

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History & uses of Acer x freemanii Celebration
The Freeman maples, Acer x freemanii, are naturally occurring crosses between Red Maple and Silver Maple. They were first classified by Oliver Freeman in 1933 at the US National Arboretum in Washington DC. This tree's patented name is Acer x freemanii Celzam.

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