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English Name Latin Name Size Quantity
Antiquity Cosmos-Pk4 Cosmea bipinnatus Antiquity Pack of 4 1
Candy Stripe Cosmos-Pk4 Cosmea bipinnatus Candy Stripe Pack of 4 12
Double Click Cranberries Cosmos-Pk4 Cosmea bipinnatus Double Click Cranberries Pack of 4 12
Double Click Rose Bon Bon Cosmos-Pk4 Cosmea bipinnatus Double Click Rose Bon Bon Pack of 4 18
Nemesia, Blueberry Ice-1L Nemesia Blueberry Ice Sundae 1L 16
Nemesia, Blueberry Ice-2L Nemesia Blueberry Ice Sundae 2 Litre Pot 22
Nemesia, Celebration-2L Nemesia denticulata Celebration 2 Litre Pot 4
Nemesia, Confetti Improved-2L Nemesia Confetti Improved 2 Litre Pot 20
Nemesia, Easter Bonnet-2L Nemesia Easter Bonnet 2 Litre Pot 25
Nemesia, Forest Fruits-1L Nemesia Forest Fruits Sundae 1L 4
Nemesia, Lavender Sherbert-2L Nemesia Lavender Sherbert Sundae 2 Litre Pot 10
Nemesia, Lavender Sherbet-1L Nemesia Lavender Sherbet Sundae 1L 2
Nemesia, Wisley Vanilla-2L Nemesia Wisley Vanilla 2 Litre Pot 23
Sonata Carmine Cosmos-Pk4 Cosmea bipinnatus Sonata Carmine Pack of 4 14
Sonata Pink Cosmos-Pk4 Cosmea bipinnatus Sonata Pink Pack of 4 13

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