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Wallflower, Bowles Mauve

Out of Stock

Wallflower, Bowles Mauve Erysimum linifolium Bowles Mauve From £6.96
Wallflower, Cloth of Gold

Out of Stock

Wallflower, Cloth of Gold Erysimum cheiri Cloth of Gold From £8.99
Wallflower, Golden Bedder

Out of Stock

Wallflower, Golden Bedder Erysimum cheiri Golden Bedder From £4.44
Wallflower, Orange Bedder

Out of Stock

Wallflower, Orange Bedder Erysimum cheiri Orange Bedder From £8.99
Wallflower, Primrose Bedder

Out of Stock

Wallflower, Primrose Bedder Erysimum cheiri Primrose Bedder From £8.99
Wallflower, Scarlet Bedder

Out of Stock

Wallflower, Scarlet Bedder Erysimum cheiri Scarlet Bedder From £8.99
Wallflower, Vulcan

Out of Stock

Wallflower, Vulcan Erysimum cheiri Vulcan From £8.99
Wallflower, Winter Flame

Out of Stock

Wallflower, Winter Flame Erysimum × hybrida Winter Flame From £7.99
Wallflower, Winter Orchid

Out of Stock

Wallflower, Winter Orchid Erysimum × hybrida Winter Orchid From £7.99
Wallflower, Winter Power

Out of Stock

Wallflower, Winter Power Erysimum × hybrida Winter Power From £7.99
Wallflower, Winter Spice

Out of Stock

Wallflower, Winter Spice Erysimum × hybrida Winter Spice From £7.68

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Wallflowers have been a gardener's go-to for longer than books record. They were loved by the Elizabethans, and wallflowers with Bedder in the name are probably Victorian.

Wallflowers are easy to grow in containers and poor soil, they collectively fill flowering gaps at the bookends of winter and go wonderfully well with spring flowering bulbs (especially tulips). They are scented, make great cutting flowers, and bees love them. Perfect. 

Most common wallflowers are biennials, which means that you throw the plant away when it is finished flowering. However, our range are short lived perennials that will give you a few years of service before it's time to remove them.
Deadhead all wallflowers regularly. 

Older texts may categorise wallflowers, which are mostly Erysimum cheiri varieties, as either E. suffruticosum or Cheiranthus cheiri; some regional common names include bleeding hearts and gillflowers. 

Please note that annual plants are not covered by our year guarantee, because they are not supposed to last that long! 


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