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Wallflower Cloth of Gold Seedlings

Key Data
Misc Wildlife Value
Area Coastal Areas, Frost Pockets, Scotland & The North
Soil Alkaline/Chalky, Poor/Dry
Colour Yellow/Gold
Type Seedling
Also Good Fragrant
Flowering Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul

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Cloth of Gold Wallflowers

Cloth of Gold Wallflowers (Latin - Erysimum cheiri Cloth of Gold and to confuse matters Erysimum used to be known as Cheiranthus) are hardy plants that, when planted in groups provide a splash of golden sunshine all through the months that link spring bulbs with summer flowers. Heavily scented, wallflowers are loved by pollinating insects making them a must for any gardener with an eye on wildlife. And if the colour, a deep, rich yellow, is not for you then take a look at the rest of our range of ready to plant wallflower seedlings.

Cloth of Gold is a short-lived perennial that is best treated as a biennial (sown one year and flowers the next). It will live longer, but we strongly recommend you dig up and compost your plants when they have finished flowering next year.

Wallflowers complement tulips wonderfully well and, joyously, they can be planted at the same time. In particular, Cloth of Gold will go very well with one of the darker tulips such as Negrita or Queen of Night for a classic "Black"/gold contrast. For something more subtle, try it with "green" tulips such as Spring Green for a lighter, airier feel.


  • Type: Hardy Biennial
  • Colour:
  • Scented: Strong
  • Height: 35-45 cms
  • Delivery/Planting: October - November
  • Flowering: March - July
  • Plant Spacing: 30 cms

Wallflower Trivia

Did you know that any wallflower with "Bedder" in its name is almost certainly a product of a Victorian passion for producing new wallflower varieties? Although it never matched the scale of the Victorian fern craze, new wallflower hybrids sold (as seed) for up to 15 shillings (75p) a packet. That is over £70 today.

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