Dame Judi Dench® Roses (Ausquaker) by David Austin

Key Data
Misc Shrub, Wildlife Value
Area Frost Pockets, Scotland & The North
Colour Apricot/Copper
Type Hedging
Also Good Repeat Flowering
Flowering Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep

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Dame Judi Dench® Rose

Brought out in 2017, the real Dame Judi Dench was presented with this beautiful, new diva of an apricot rose at Chelsea Flower Show. As is Dame Judi, this rose is utterly reliable and will deliver its lines to perfection! A fabulous addition to our range of David Austin Roses for sale.

This rose is an especially sumptuous shade of apricot that pales towards the edge of the flower to give it that halo which is so popular at present. Each flower is a mass of ruffled petals held in a rosette with a dear little button eye in the centre. The buds are red tipped and relatively small. Good green foliage has excellent resistance to disease. The stems arch elegantly which promotes the formation of more side shoots and so more flowers which encore all through the summer and are notable for not being spoilt by rain. The scent is a performance in itself - light tea perfume but with overtones of kiwi and cucumber. With time, the rose forms a mound of blooms as more stems are produced each year.

Curtain up!

This is a rose to put centre stage in your herbaceous border. David Austin's years of experience mean that he just would not release a rose unless it was nearing perfection and the Dame Judi Dench rose is a superstar. Like its national treasure namesake, Dame Judi will fill any role - supporting other roses like Buff Beauty or Lady Hillingdon , taking the lead against a neutral background or hedge, or, if plucked from obscurity for a vase, overwhelming and astounding her audience. Keep deadheading so that you get repeat performances over the season. And what with being so healthy and strong, you won't be resorting to sprays, potions (or make-up) at all.


  • Height: up to 1.2 m
  • Width: up to 90 cm
  • Colour: apricot
  • Shape of flower: rosette
  • Size of flower: large
  • Scent: light
  • Flowering: repeat through summer
  • Group: English Shrub rose

What is more...

Named after Dame Judi Dench - star of stage and screen and most recently of James Bond films - who sneezed violently when given the rose at Chelsea by David Austin before pronouncing that it looked rather laidback.

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