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Planting Rootballed Yew
Julian Bosdari 9 Sep 2017

How to plant a hedge of rootballed yew  Having survived the last Ice Age, Yew is probably the toughest tree in the UK. It establishes well grows steadily rather than slowly, forgives bad clipping, car crashes and other accidents, looks good practically anywhere and adds value to your p...

Planting Yew Hedging where Drainage is Bad
Julian Bosdari 22 Mar 2017

How to Plant Yew Hedging on Poorly Drained Soils Planting yew hedging in a funny way is easier where drainage is poor. Poor drainage here almost always means clay. As with all hedge plants, the basics need to be observed; yew needs sunlight, air, nourishment, water and good foundations...

Yew Hedging - Bronze Foliage
Julian Bosdari 18 Jul 2016

Bronze foliage on an English yew hedge Bronze foliage is one of the most commonly identified "afflictions" of yew generally and can be especially noticeable yew hedging when individual plants can go bronze and contrast with their neighbours There are a number of reasons as to why yew ...

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