Gentle Hermione® Shrub Rose Plants

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Shade Partial Shade
Area Scotland & The North
Colour Pink (Light)
Type David Austin
Also Good Fragrant, Repeat Flowering

Rosa 'Gentle Hermione' (Ausrumba®)

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Gentle Hermione David Austin Rose Plants(Ausrumba)

Nothing quite beats the perfect and complex symmetry of Old English Shrub roses and Gentle Hermione is a fantastic example of these astonishing plants. Each rose weighs in with a hefty 41 petals per flower, initially contained in rounded buds and then opening up perfectly in position and of the purest hue of pink that pales towards the edge. With maturity her colour fades even more so that the flower almost looks like a pearl. The youthful red tinged leaves darken and become deep green with age, remaining healthy through the season on slightly arching stems. She grows slightly taller than she is wide, but over time this reverses so she makes an impressive shrub. To add to her charms, Gentle Harmione's fragrance is described as being very strong with a classic, warm myrrh overtone.

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A home for Hermione

If your tastes extend to the romantic and slightly blowsy, then Gentle Hermione roses will suit you to a T. The pale pink is charming and could be part of an array of pink roses like Scepter'd Isle, English Miss or Sexy Rexy. Hermione is sufficiently ample to occupy the middle of a border with underplanting of lavender and juxtaposed against spiky Acanthus and purple Alliums. Gentle she may be but this rose is particularly recommended for withstanding rainy weather so for all those on the west coast with wet summers save yourself the despair of browned and ruined roses and invest in Gentle Hermione. If you remember to dead head you will also encourage more flowers to develop so that you will find that you are blessed with roses from June to November.

Features of Gentle Hermione David Austin Rose

  • Height: up to about 1.2 m
  • Width: up to 1 m
  • Colour: pure pale pink
  • Shape of flower: shallow cups
  • Size of flower: large
  • Scent: very strong, myrrh fragrance
  • Flowering: repeat through summer
  • Group: Old English Shrub Rose

Who is she?

No, this rose was not named after J K Rowling's sidekick to Harry Potter, but after the Hermione who was married to Leontes, the King of Sicily, in Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale. She was said to be as virtuous as she was beautiful - two qualities encapsulated in this rose.

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Bareroot planting is best done between October and April
Bareroot and potted - what's the difference?

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