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Orange Bedder Wallflower Seedlings

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The details

Erysimum cheiri

Pot Grown Herbaceous Biennials
  • Type: hardy biennial
  • Colour: orange
  • Scent: spicy
  • Height: 30cm
  • Flowering: Mar-May
  • Spacing: 30cm
  • Ideal for pots or borders
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Orange Bedder Wallflower Plants

A splash of burnt apricot and a whole lot of joy is what Erysimum 'Orange Bedder' brings to the garden. A compact, low-growing form of wallflower, this is one to give pride of place at the front of a sunny border, or in a container or window box. The buds are tightly packed, pointed affairs in a rich claret colour, which open to reveal deep, lush orange four-petalled open flowers, fading to a more apricotty tone further down each flower spike. These are spicily scented, and popular with pollinators. The main flowering event happens from March and continues into late spring, even early summer if you're careful to deadhead. So: colourful, long flowering, scented and easygoing, like most wallflowers. Have a nosey round the rest of our range here.

How to grow

It's best to treat Orange Bedder as an annual bedding plant, but one you plant in autumn for colour the following spring. They like full sun and will thrive in most soils, including heavy(ish) clay. This compact form is a great choice in pots and window boxes, where it will make an eyecatching feature combined with bulbs or other spring favourites. Deadhead regularly and you'll have flowers from the start of spring into summer. Once they've finished flowering, pull them up and pop them on the compost.

Happy combinations

In a cottage garden setting, wallflowers are the natural partners to all kinds of tulips, as they bloom at the same time and their flower shapes make a lovely contrast – the tall bulbs standing proud and statuesque above a froth of fragrant wallflowers. This handsome burnt orange variety looks stunning with saturated jewel-coloured tulips: think flame-orange 'Ballerina', the early, warm apricot 'Orange Brilliant' or deep purple 'Blackjack'. In borders, they'll also look stunning combined with the acid-yellow colours of euphorbias, or plant up a pot of Bedder Orange threaded through with deep blue forget-me-nots for a fabulous wake-up to spring blast of colour.

The essentials

  • Type: hardy biennial
  • Colour: burnt orange
  • Scent: rich and spicy
  • Height: 30cm
  • Flowering: March-May
  • Spacing: 30cm apart
  • Ideal for pots or borders

Did you know?

Cheiranthus (now cheiri) is said to come from the Greek for hand (cheir) and flower (anthos). It's believed that the Elizabethans carried the fragrant flower in nosegays to distract from the stink of city streets.