Scarlet Bedder Wallflower PlantsScarlet Bedder Wallflower Plants

Scarlet Bedder Wallflower Plants

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The details

Erysimum cheiri

Pot Grown Herbaceous Biennials
  • Type: hardy annual
  • Colour: dark red
  • Scent: spicy
  • Height: 40cm
  • Flowering: Mar-May
  • Spacing: 30cm
  • Ideal for pots or borders
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Scarlet Bedder Wallflower Plants

Erysimum Scarlet Bedder will fire up your spring borders and containers, bringing hot, rich colour from the first days of spring in March. Tightly packed upward-facing clusters of slender, deep purple, pointed buds unfurl to open, silky-petalled cherry-red flowers that are deliciously scented – and popular with pollinators. These go on bringing colour and joy until the end of May, thriving with a little deadheading. The foliage is deep green and linear, with the plant reaching a manageably compact 40cm tall. We've more bedding wallflowers – and taller varieties, in a selection of colours – to browse in our wallflower range.

How to grow

Most wallflowers are hardy biennials, with a few being perennials. These are of the former, so they're supplied as little plants in their first year of growth and will flower the following spring. After flowering, you should pull them up and compost them, as you would an annual. They're happiest in full sun (this is a prerequisite really) but will cope with most soils as long as it's not really heavy clay, in which case dig in some organic matter when planting. Pots and window boxes are ideal for these low-growing wallflowers (all the better to pop them somewhere you can enjoy their lovely scent), or combine them with other cottage garden favourites, or spring bulbs, in a sunny border. Deadhead often to prolong the flowering period.

Planting partners to consider

You can't talk about wallflowers without mentioning tulips. They're a match made in garden heaven. The low-growing Bedder series of wallflowers are particularly well suited to spring tulips: the two are planted at the same time, in autumn, and will go on to produce a wonderful display, the tulip stems rising tall and statuesque above a colourful jumble of wallflowers. A bright, cherry-coloured tulip such as Apeldoorn makes a wonderful contrast, as do the apricot sorbet shades of Dordogne, in pots as well as borders. In borders, thread Red Bedder through zingy citrus euphorbias for a colour combination that really sings.

Quick facts

  • Type: hardy biennial
  • Colour: deep rich red
  • Scent: warm and spicy
  • Height: 40cm
  • Flowering: March-May
  • Spacing: 30cm
  • Ideal for pots or borders

Did You Know?

The young shoots can be steamed or stir-fried and eaten as a vegetable; wallflowers are members of the brassica family, so it makes sense, unless you still want the flowers.