Baldwin Blackcurrant Plants (Ribes nigrum Baldwin)Baldwin Blackcurrant Plants (Ribes nigrum Baldwin)

Baldwin Blackcurrant, Bareroot Bushes

Ribes nigrum BaldwinPlant guarantee for 1 yearFeefo logo

The details

  • Superfood
  • Dark purple crops
  • Higher than average vitamin C
  • Crops July into August
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Baldwin Blackcurrant Bushes

A mild flavoured blackcurrant that produces extremely dark purple fruits. A superfood that is loaded with vitamin C, which can be eaten straight off the plant, or cooked to make jams and pies.

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Growing Baldwin Blackcurrants:

Blackcurrants are tough plants that will pinch out a small crop in some pretty poor conditions in the shade of trees. They prefer fairly damp soil near water, but also like poor, dry, airy soils that you improve with a lot of compost and irrigate in summer. As with fruit in general, plenty of sun and some shelter from strong wind is best. The ideal soil pH is slightly acidic, but they are flexible.

Read our detailed how to grow blackcurrants page, they need pruning to stay productive.

Spacing: 140cm apart along the rows, with 1.5m between rows.

Did You Know?

Of unknown origin, it seems to have been cultivated since forever: the bald win.