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Magic Fountains Blue/White Bee DelphiniumsMagic Fountains Blue/White Bee Delphiniums

Magic Fountains Blue/White Bee Delphiniums

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The details

  • Colour: Blue/white
  • Flowering: Jun-Sep
  • Foliage: Mid-green
  • Height: 90cm
  • Spread: 40cm
  • Spacing: 40cm
  • Position: Sun, tolerates a touch of shade
  • Soil: Any well drained soil
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Delphinium Magic Fountains Blue/White Bee

If you want a cottage garden look but the performance of a modern plant, then Delphinium Magic Fountains Blue/White Bee is ideal for you. It's a compact version of the old favourite, reaching just 90 cm tall so it's perfect for smaller gardens and large pots. This clump-forming herbaceous perennial holds its mid-blue semi-double flower spikes above attractive mid-green leaves from June to September. Each flower has a white 'bee' in the centre, which is sure to be the envy of your neighbours!

Magic Fountains Blue/White Bee is part of a series of vigorous growers, more heat tolerant and less fussy than older delphinium varieties.

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Great In Your Garden...

Delphiniums of old were notorious for falling victim to the wind and heavy rain. While Magic Fountains Blue/White Bee is compact and therefore not so much at risk, we still advise you to plant it in a sheltered spot, away from potential damaging winds and stake plants early and well. Planting against a sunny wall is ideal. Don't forget to stake if planted in large pots.

They are also ideal for the cutting garden and for use in vases in country-style simple arrangements in jugs for the kitchen table.

For the best flowers, remember that delphiniums are heavy feeders and prefer well-drained soils. Add humus to the soil when planting and keep fed and watered throughout the season. Deadhead when the main flowering stem has finished and you should get a second flush of flowers from side shoots.

Although they are herbaceous perennials, they are relatively short-lived, lasting only two to three years on average.


  • Colour: Mid blue petals with a white bee-shaped central blotch.
  • Flowering: June to September.
  • Foliage: Mid-green leaves.
  • Height: 90cm.
  • Spread: 40cm.
  • Spacing: 40cm.
  • Position: Sun, tolerates partial shade.
  • Soil: Loam, chalk, sand, acid, alkaline and neutral.

Did You Know...

The delphinium gets its name from the Greek Delphin, meaning dolphin, as the flowers were said to be the shape of these aquatic mammals.

Cultivation Instructions

Plant in a sunny, sheltered spot but will tolerate partial shade. Likes rich, well-drained soils with added humus. Space 40cm apart and water well. Stake when planting to protect from winds. If planted in containers make sure they are large enough and that you avoid windy spots.

Water well until established and feed throughout the growing season. Protect against slugs, snails and caterpillars. Deadhead to promote flowers on side shoots. Divide in spring. Always Stake Well.