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The Best Rambling Rose Bushes Varieties

Rambling roses are the giants of the rose world. With a few exceptions, they only flower once per year, prolifically, around early June. An established rambling rose will put out so much blossom that it can be hard to see the foliage for a period of about 6 weeks. These are the roses to grow into trees or over unsightly sheds and outhouses. All rambling roses are very disease resistant and grown here in the UK.

Mature rambling roses need to have a portion of their mature stems hard pruned to the ground in autumn to make way for the new growth.

This listing is made up entirely of rambling roses; climbling roses have their own listing. What's the difference between a rambler and a climber

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    • Height: 6m
    • Colour: Creamy-white
    • Shape: Full Double
    • Scent: Strong
    • Flowering period: Once in summer
    • Type: Rambler
    From £10.74  Inc VAT

    • Height: to 5m
    • Spread: to 3m
    • Colour: pale pink
    • Shape of flower: loose
    • Size of flower: medium
    • Scent: highly scented
    • Flowering: June-July
    • Group: rambler
    • Foliage: green with coppery new shoots
    • RHS Award of Garden Merit
    From £10.74  Inc VAT

  1. Felicite Perpetue
    • Colour: White, hint of pink.
    • Shape: Large, fully double rosette.
    • Scent: Slight.
    • Flower Period: Once in July.
    • Height: 4-5m
    From £10.74  Inc VAT

  2. Rambling Rose Bushes:
    • Colour: Yellow.
    • Shape: Double, muddled.
    • Scent: Strong.
    • Flower Period: Once.
    • Height: 3 metres.
    From £10.74  Inc VAT

    Out of Stock - Not Available this Season

  3. Pauls Himalayan Musk
    • Colour: Pink, fading to white.
    • Shape: Small, double, open centre.
    • Scent: Good.
    • Flower Period: Once in Summer.
    • Height: 6m
    From £10.74  Inc VAT

  4. Phyllis Bide

    • Colour: Pink and gold/orange.
    • Shape: Small, double, open centre.
    • Scent: Light.
    • Flower Period: Repeat.
    • Height: 3m
    From £10.74  Inc VAT

    • Height: 7m
    • Colour: Cream
    • Shape: Semi Double
    • Scent: Medium
    • Flowering period: Once in summer
    • Type: Rambler
    From £10.74  Inc VAT

  5. Climbing Rose Bushes:
    • Colour: White.
    • Shape: Simple, open.
    • Scent: Strong.
    • Flower Period: Once in the summer.
    • Height: 4.5 metres.
    From £10.74  Inc VAT

    Out of Stock - Not Available this Season

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