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Shrub Roses

Shrub Roses for Sale

Shrub roses are the perfume counter in your garden. This is where you find the headiest scents. Shrub roses are generally very healthy and most flower either in several flushes a year or continuously. Their flowers can be extremely complex and their fragrances are used in just about every well-known perfume you can buy. All our shrub roses are grown in the UK and like all our plants are covered by our no quibble guarantee. If you would like something more modern, then take a look at the rest of our roses for sale

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    • Colour: Pure white.
    • Height: 1.2m
    • Shape: Semi-double, open centre.
    • Scent: Strong.
    • Flower Period: Mainly late Spring.
    • Type: Shrub
    • RHS AGM
    From £10.74  Inc VAT

  1. Jacqueline du Pre
    • Colour: White, saffron centre.
    • Shape: Semi double, open saucer.
    • Scent: Good.
    • Flower Period: Repeating.
    • Height: 1.8m
    From £13.14  Inc VAT

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  2. Little White Pet
    • Colour: White.
    • Shape: Full double, spherical.
    • Scent: Faint.
    • Flower Period: Repeat.
    • Height: 0.6m
    From £10.74  Inc VAT

    • Height: 2.5m
    • Colour: White
    • Shape: Semi double
    • Scent: Light
    • Flowering period: Repeat
    • Type: Shrub
    From £10.74  Inc VAT

    • Height: up to 1 m
    • Width: up to 75 cm
    • Colour: pure white
    • Shape of flower: full rosettes
    • Size of flower: medium - up to 135 petals
    • Scent: strong and Old Rose
    • Flowering: repeat through summer in flushes
    • Excellent Disease Resistance
    From £20.34  Inc VAT

    • Height: up to about 1.2 m
    • Width: up to 90 cm
    • Colour: white
    • Shape of flower: rosette
    • Size of flower: large
    • Scent: mild apple
    • Flowering: repeat through summer
    • Style: English rose
    From £16.74  Inc VAT

    • Height: up to about 1 m
    • Width: up to 90 cm
    • Colour: white, some buff pink
    • Shape of flower: double, loose rosettes
    • Size of flower: medium
    • Scent: medium and honeyed
    • Flowering: repeat through summer
    • Group: English Shrub Roses
    • Winter hardy
    From £16.74  Inc VAT

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