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Seed sowing is great fun, and if you have not tried it then you should. However, not all of us have the time or facilities in which case buying "ready-made" seedlings is a sensible way to go. You get the number you need of the best quality plants delivered to you at exactly the right time to plant. Germinating seeds takes space and if you want a range of specific varieties you will need to buy multiple packets so in reality there is little saving.

  •    Raised from the finest seed
  •    Beautifully grown under ideal conditions
  •    Send by next day delivery

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Choosing Seedlings

The better the seed, the better the plant.You cannot produce a high-quality seedling using old or substandard seeds, so these plants are grown from the best seed money can buy. So that part of choosing good plants is done already. The next requirement is good quality compost - ours is also peat-free. Add the right container; cells for shallow rooted plants and root-trainers for those with deeper roots and put all three into a controlled growing environment and all the ingredients for perfect plants are in place. Where appropriate, we always harden off our seedlings and we grow them hard - so temperatures are at the low end of the range in which they do well. It makes for stronger plants and if you select nothing else - choose strong seedlings. You will be well rewarded.

How to Plant Seedlings

Hedging can be very versatile, from providing privacy and structure to your garden through to becoming a focal point in and of itself. It can offer protection from the elements while simultaneously providing an ideal habitat for wildlife. And, what's more, hedging can be both cheap and easy to plant.

Planting a hedge depends on the specific type of plant you're using; evergreen hedges such as Yew can be planted from early Autumn onwards, while deciduous plants such as Beech and Hawthorn should wait until a little later. However, whatever your choice, it will always involve planning your hedge in advance, spacing correctly and watering well - particularly during the first couple of years of growth. Read our hedge plant advice for specific guidance on planting, pruning and caring for particular varieties of hedging. If you prefer the moving image, then our 5-minute videos on planting country hedges and how to plant a formal hedge should answer most of your questions.

But if you just cannot wait, the most important things to remember are that, while books have been written on the subject, what a new hedge needs most once it has been planted is water in dry weather and protection from weeds and vermin.

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