Cosmos Seedlings - Availability List

Strong cosmos seedlings grown in jumbo plugs for the best root development. Cosmos need a good root system so this is important. The Cosmos varieties shown on this page are in stock and available for you to buy today and plant in the next few days

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English Name Latin Name Size Quantity
Cosmos Double Click Rose Bon Bon-5xPlugs Cosmea bipinnatus Double Click Rose Bon Bon 5 Maxiplug Pack 11
Cosmos Double Click Snow Puff-5xPlugs Cosmea bipinnatus Double Click Snow Puff 5 Maxiplug Pack 10
Cosmos Sonata Carmine-5xPlugs Cosmea bipinnatus Sonata Carmine 5 Maxiplug Pack 25
Cosmos Sonata Pink-5xPlugs Cosmea bipinnatus Sonata Pink 5 Maxiplug Pack 3

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