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Winchester Cathedral (Auscat) by David Austin

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Misc Shrub, Wildlife Value
Area Frost Pockets
Colour White/Cream
Type Hedging
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Flowering Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep

Rosa - Winchester Cathedral (Auscat)

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Winchester Cathedral™ Rose (Auscat), David Austin English® Roses

Of all white roses bar Iceberg , Winchester Cathedral is justifiably the most well known. It has those wonderful old rose blooms where the petals are multitudinous but not as tightly packed as in many of David Austin's other roses. And there are however masses of them, coming in waves over the summer and right through to the frosts. They emerge from peachy buds in every sense that just adds to the charm of the whole plant. The rose's romantic look and smell of honey and almond blossom ensures their desirability. The green foliage counterbalances the white, foamy flowers and is remarkably resistant to disease. A great member of our range of roses for sale.

A blessing for any garden

Winchester Cathedral looks at its most glorious when included in a herbaceous border rather as an artist will add white accents to a painting. It lifts traditional herbaceous borders that use peonies, lupins, Lady's mantle and such like but also earns the right to be in with more modern and austere prairie type plantings with grasses like Deschampsia cespitosa 'Goldtau' and Nassella tenuissima. Winchester Cathedral makes an excellent conspirator in a white garden and as such partners all silver plants too. It takes on a well rounded bushy shape when mature and so can stand alone as well in a dedicated rose bed and being purest of white will complement any other rose out there. Grow it in front of a wall of any of our honeysuckles for a stunning swathe of flowers and scent. It is worth bearing in mind that it is particularly good at surviving harsh winters so anyone gardening further North or high up should take note.

Features of Winchester Cathedral™ Roses

  • Height: up to about 1 m
  • Width: up to 90 cm
  • Colour: white, some buff pink
  • Shape of flower: double, loose rosettes
  • Size of flower: medium
  • Scent: medium and honeyed
  • Flowering: repeat through summer
  • Group: English Shrub Roses
  • Winter hardy

The genesis of the Winchester Cathedral rose

Winchester Cathedral was an accident; it is a sport of the wonderful pink Mary Rose that just happened to come out white. It has remained popular since 1988 when it was first introduced. Named after Winchester Cathedral in Hampshire which is one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in Europe this rose has stood the test of time in a competitive rose world.

Bareroot planting is best done between October and April
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