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Prevention is always better - and cheaper - than the cure. Strong, healthy plants that are well tended will establish fast and resist disease. Your first concern should always be to select plants that suit your soil, then prepare that soil well, ideally improving its structure and "liveliness" with compost and other organic material. Fertile soil supports a busy ecosystem of microorganisms, worms and so on, all of which make nutrients available to plant roots and prevent soil compaction.

As an oversimplification of the soil food web, trees and perennial shrubs prefer more soil fungi (which our rootgrow products will boost) and therefore readily available woody and leafy materials are enough to add to or spread over the soil, while annuals, vegetables and herbaceous plants prefer more soil bacteria, with richer composts and mulches (our rocket gro has all you need) and animal manure; your tomatoes will also benefit a lot more from fertilisers than your hedge will. 

You will rarely if ever need anything from the product ranges below if the site is suited to the plant, if the ground is prepared well, if the plants are looked after properly after planting, if there are no pets or wildlife mucking about, if good garden hygiene is maintained, if you produce all the compost and mulch you need at home, and if the omens are auspicious...

...If only. Every gardener knows that life is just not like that, so this is the place to buy strong plastic guards against vermin / magical forest creatures, chemicals to feed and protect your plants, and other such sundries: pretty much everything you need to get started.

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Stuff to help your plants thrive

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Choosing Planting Accessories

Planting accessories do three things: help new plants to establish and grow well in the early years, protect them from being eaten by animals and bugs, and prevent or cure diseases and other pests.
Rootgrow fungi make soil nutrients massively more available to your plants' root systems; it does so much good that it is considered as "essential" for hedging and large plants, and beneficial for all. Bonemeal is always good too.
Use an organic mulch mat or Mypex fabric to suppress the weeds, and you are set for a trouble free start for any hedge or tree planting. You can avoid using weedkiller on, or digging up, the densest ground elder and nettles by scalping them off at soil level and then covering the site for at about 16 months (two summers) with Mypex.  

Protection includes spirals, which need bamboo canes, and tree guards, which need stakes. 60-80cms tall guards protect against rabbits, hare and muntjac. For roe deer and bigger, guards must be 120 cms tall, or you are wasting your money.
Disease will happen less when the right plants are used for the location, and when planting and aftercare are good. The list of chemicals available is dwindling, as is their efficacy, but we stock a range that covers most situations. 

How to use Planting Accessories

Always exercise caution and use protection when using planting accessories. Chemicals, whether pesticides or fertilisers (where too much of a good thing can really damage a plant), almost always have some toxic effect and should be handled and administered in accordance with their manufacturer's instructions. Eye protection is one of those things that one never needs - until that one time when one needs it badly. 

Accessories that protect and support plants have been produced with low cost in mind. So handle them with care and thick gloves. Stakes and canes will have big splinters, plastic spirals will have sharp edges that can cut or stab, and so on. 

Deer Rabbits, and other Rodents 

Deer and gnawing animals, especially rabbits, can do a lot of damage in one night to young trees and hedges. They tend to be more systematic in the lean months, but may still seek out your tender young plants in summer. Even if you only see them rarely on your property, you should make or buy protection to keep them from decimating juicy young trees. Many species that are considered "deer resistant" still get snacked on. 

To protect all the branches of valuable orchard and ornamental trees from deer, it's best to either fence the entire area to about 12' / 4m tall, or ring each tree with a custom build cage; deer don't like to jump into confined spaces, so these can be under 4m. A full time alarm dog is also an option. 
The bark at the base of a young tree needs protection from nibbling rodents, which can chew right through smaller trunks. We deliver 60 - 120cm tall cheap plastic guards, or 80-120cm tall strong strimmer proof plastic guards, or a disposable, expanding plastic spiral intended for smaller trees and hedging. 
If you make your own tree guards from scrap plastic, design them with some ventilation, and check them as your plants grow for restriction and rubbing. 

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