Hedge and Tree Planting Accessories

Strong healthy plants that are well tended establish fast and resist disease. So your first line of defence should therefore always be to improve soil quality and ensure adequate watering. because prevention is always better - and cheaper - than the cure. If the site is suited to the plant, if the ground is prepared well, if the plants are looked after properly after planting, if there are no pets and if good garden hygiene is maintained then you should not really need anything from this section of the site. 

If only...  every gardener knows that life is just not like that so this is the place to buy protection from vermin, food for your plants and chemicals and other sundries. We stock pretty much everything you need to plant and protect your purchase successfully.

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Stuff you may need to go with your plants

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Choosing Planting Accessories

Planting accessories fall broadly into three categories. Those that protect plants from being eaten, those that help establishment and growth and those that stop from disease. Protection includes spirals - which need canes - and tree guards - which need stakes. 60-80cms tall if you are worried about rabbits, hare and muntjac. For roe deer and bigger, guards will need to be a minimum of 120 cms tall or you are wasting your money. Where establishment is the issue, nothing works better than Rootgrow to promote... well... root growth! Use an organic mulch or Mypex to suppress the weeds and you are pretty much done. Disease will happen less if planting and aftercare are good, but it can still happen. The list of chemicals available is dwindling as is their efficacy but we stoke a range that covers most situations.

How to use Planting Accessories

Always exercise a bot of caution when using Planting Accessories. If they are chemicals they will almost always have some toxic effect and so should be handled and administered in accordance with their manufacturer's instructions. This applies equally to fertilisers where too much of a good thing can really damage a plant.

Accessories that protect and support plants will have been produced with low cost in mind. So handle them with care (and gloves). Stakes will have splinters, spirals can have edges that cut and so on. 

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