Gardening Accessories

This is where you can buy protection from vermin, food for your plants and chemicals and other sundries. We stock pretty much everything you need to plant your purchase successfully. Broadly there are three types of planting accessories - Trees, shrubs and other plants need help to establish and grow away well at the time of planting. The obvious gardening sundries that fall into this category are things such as tree stakes and ties More...

, well as mulch mats and fertilisers you might incorporate into the soil at planting time. You can also buy leaky pipe to make watering of longer hedges much easier in dry springs and summers. We also sell Rootgrow, a naturally occurring, organic product that, uniquely, is endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society and which really does significantly help root establishment and development.

Secondly, protection is required if you are at risk from what the average plant would describe as "vermin". Tree guards and spirals fall into this category. Young hedging plants benefit from rabbit spirals and canes while you will need tree guards for larger specimen trees and fruit trees. Fruit also need protection from crawling and flying insects and you can find fruit tree grease and grease bands as well as moth traps for plums and apples in this section.

Third, even the best loved and cared for plant can become diseased. When that happens we offer a range of gardening chemicals to help recovery. Some, such as Scotts Roseclear Ultra have a prophylactic aspect and so can be used to prevent the outbreak of diseases like blackspot and rust. You can find our Garden Chemicals & Fertilisers here. Effective though these can be, do please remember that strong healthy plants resist disease much better than weak neglected ones. Your first line of defence should therefore always be to improve soil quality and ensure adequate watering at planting time.

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