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You can buy fertilisers, fungicides, pesticides and other gardening chemicals and additives such as Rootgrow and bonemeal here. Or you can see the rest of our range of gardening accessories

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  1. Bonemeal - slow release fertiliser for shrubs, hedges and trees

    Bone Meal Fertiliser

    From £2.95
    Bonemeal is an organic, slow release fertiliser with some Nitrogen and a good supply of Phosporous & Calcium. Pack sizes 1.25Kg & 5Kg

  2. Codling Moth Trap

    Codling Moth Trap

    From £5.19
    Codling Moth Traps use the pheromone scent of the female codling moth to attract and catch the males...

  3. Grease for Fruit Trees with uneven bark

    Grease for Fruit Trees - Tins

    From £5.95
    Fruit Tree Grease in 200g pots, used on older trees with ridged bark. Grease is an organic control to prevent winter moths from laying eggs on your trees.

  4. Greasebands


    From £5.25
    Greasebands prevent winter moths laying their eggs in fruit trees. One pack is enough for 10-12 medium trees...

  5. Growmore multi-purpose fertiliser

    Growmore Fertiliser - 1.25 KG

    From £2.60
    Growmore Fertiliser is a balanced 7-7-7 (N-P-K) fertiliser. It is suitable for improving most soils. It is mainly used planting, mixed well into the soil and as a top-dressing to feed mature plants.

    Out of Stock

  6. Medo Pruning Compound and Wound Sealant

    Medo Tree Pruning Compound

    From £5.75

    Medo is used for sealing wounds on trees that are susceptible to infections because it

    • Makes a flexible but waterproof skin over tree wounds
    • Protects tree wounds after pruning or accidents
    • Helps to stop bacteria and fungi infecting or invading fresh wounds before they heal

  7. Plum Fruit Moth Trap

    Plum Fruit Moth Trap

    From £5.19
    Plum Fruit Moth Traps use the pheromone scent of the female Plum Fruit moth to attract and catch the boys...

  8. Insecticide - Ultimate Bug Killer Concentrate

    Provado Ultimate Bug Killer Concentrate

    From £8.45
    Provado - withdrawn from sale as it contains neonicotinoids

    Out of Stock

  9. Rootgrow bareroot tree trial


    From £3.99

    For healthy plants and trees, if you only do one thing, use Rootgrow when you plant them.

    Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi speeds establishment. Available as:

    • Rootgrow 150g Pouch
    • Rootgrow 360g Gel Pack
    • Rootgrow 1Kg Gel Pack
    • Rootgrow 2.5Kg resealable tub

  10. Rootgrow Mini Meadow

    Rootgrow Mini Meadow

    From £4.89
    Meadow Seed Pack to encourage pollinating insects. Contains Rootgrow for fast establishment

    Out of Stock

  11. RoseClear Ultra concentrate

    Rose Clear Ultra

    From £8.20
    RoseClear Ultra - we have withdrawn this product from sale as it contains neonicotinoids which we believe are harmful to bees

    Out of Stock

  12. Organic Rose Food

    Rose Food - Vitax 900g

    From £2.95
    Vitax Organic Rose Food 900g

  13. Roundup Concentrated Systemic Weedkiller 540ml

    Roundup Systemic Weedkiller - Concentrate

    From £22.95
    Acts through the leaves. Treats up to 540 Sq metres of weeds. Area can be planted when dry.

  14. Systhane Fungus Fighter - Concentrate

    Systhane Fungus Fighter

    From £5.65
    Systhane Fungus Fighter protects plants from the inside & kills all the common garden fungal pests.

    Out of Stock

  15. Insect Egg Killer - Winter Wash

    Vitax Winter Tree Wash

    From £8.65
    Winter Tree Wash is an organic spray to kill insect eggs and overwintering insect pests on woody trees & bushes. Each 500ml bottle makes 10.5 litres of spray.

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