Cream Abundance Floribunda Roses

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Colour White/Cream
Type Floribunda
Also Good Repeat Flowering

Cream Abundance Floribunda
Rosa - Cream Abundance

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Cream Abundance Floribunda Rose

Cream Abundance roses were wonderful in their day. Well named this sturdy, medium sized floribunda always seemed to be in flower. However it has become increasingly disease prone and has been overtaken by more modern varieties in terms of disease resistance of flower production.

We recommend Joie de Vivre in its place. Similar in size and colouring and healthier. However if it is not for you or if you want to find roses to plant with her, then take a look at the rest of our selection of roses here.

Great for your garden

Like all floribundas, Cream Abundance prefers good soil in a nice sunny spot. However also like all floribundas she will settle for second best if necessary. It is sometimes good to remember that almost all roses are grown on roots that are first cousins of some of the most durable wild roses you can find. So a bit of cold or a bit of wet will be taken in full stride. Roses do want good light levels however and because Cream Abundance is not the largest rose she looks better planted at the front or in the middle of your rose border. This is a rose that looks at its best planted in groups of three.

Rosa Cream Abundance facts

  • Type: Floribunda
  • Colour: Yellow fading to cream.
  • Flower shape: Fully double
  • Fragrance strength: Light
  • Final height and spread: 3ft x 3ft
  • Flowering season: All summer
  • Repeat Flowering: Yes
  • Disease resistance: No as good as Joie de Vivre

Cream Abundance trivia

Rosa Cream Abundance was bred by Harkness Roses in 1999.

By Julian de Bosdari

Planting times for barerrot plant is November to April
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