Emily Bronte Roses - by David Austin

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Area Frost Pockets, Scotland & The North
Colour Apricot/Orange Shades, Yellow/Gold
Type David Austin
Also Good Fragrant, Repeat Flowering
Flowering Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct

Emily Bronte Roses - by David Austin

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Emily Bronte (Ausearnshaw) - David Austin English Roses needs...
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Emily Bronte Rose

A new introduction to the revered David Austin clan, Emily Bronte was unveiled at RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2018, to rapturous reviews. The scent is described as warm and fruity, with notes of tea, grapefruit and lemon. And the flowers are delicious, too, unfurling from perfect little pale pink buds to wide, flat blooms the colour of strawberry fool, a deeper apricot towards the centre, with a neat button of bright yellow stamens. Emily Bronte is strong and fairly tall for a shrub rose, and – a lovely feature – the new spring shoots start out a rich coppery red. Like her namesake – a spirited trailblazer to lift the spirits, and likely to be one of our most enduringly popular shrub roses.

A classic in the making

A shrub rose with a little extra height, Emily Bronte will stand proud towards the back of a border, in a roomy pot on the patio or even planted with more of the same as an informal hedge. She does like a bit of sun, although semi shade suits her too, so pop her in an east, west or south facing spot. Her colours – the soft pinky apricot blooms and red-tipped shoots – tone beautifully with soft Cotswold stone, brick or sandstone. Combine Emily Bronte with other shrub roses in delicate hues for a rose border you'll fall passionately in love with: Dame Judi Dench, with its deeper apricot blooms, would make a spirited partner worthy of Cathy and Heathcliffe, as would Lady Emily Hamilton. The colourful combination of shrub roses underplanted with hardy geraniums is a classic pairing certainly worth considering.

Features of Emily Bronte

  • Height: to 1.5m
  • Width: up to 1.2m
  • Colour: pale pink, apricot
  • Shape of flower: neat and flat
  • Size of flower: 10cm
  • Scent: highly scented
  • Flowering: repeat through summer
  • Foliage: new shoots tinged red
  • Group: English shrub rose
  • 2018 RHS Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Year Finalist

A novel classic

In her short lifetime, Emily Bronte published just one novel, in 1847, but Wuthering Heights is now considered a classic. Much like this shrub rose, we imagine…

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