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Systhane Fungus Fighter

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Fungus Killer - Myclobutanil

Systhane Fungus Fighter works systemically - it is absorbed by plants through their leaves and protects them from the inside, remaining effective for about 14 days after an application. Its active compound is called Myclobutanil.

This is a 300ml pack, sufficient to make 15 litres of spray. It is best made up in small batches and used immediately.

Systhane is used to control Blackspot, Mildew and Rust on Roses as well as Mildew and Scab on apples and pears and Mildew on Gooseberries and currants.
When spraying Systhane Fungus Fighter on fruit trees and bushes, please leave at least 14 days between spraying and harvesting.

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