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Hedging - Availability List

Hedging Plants in stock and available for delivery as soon as possible. Because almost all our hedging is barerooted and to keep quality as high as possible, your order is lifted after you have placed it (and we lift in batches), it may be a few days before your plants are ready for packing. You will receive an email within two working days of ordering with a delivery estimate. If you want to see what is not in stock but will be available next season please have a look at all our full list of hedging plants for sale 

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English Name Latin Name Size Quantity
Alder, Common-40/60 cm-Bareroot Alnus glutinosa 40/60 cm Bareroot 64
Alder, Common-60/80 cm-Bareroot Alnus glutinosa 60/80 cm Bareroot 45
Alder, Common-90/120 cm-Bareroot Alnus glutinosa 90/120 cm Bareroot 152
Alder, Grey-60/80 cm-Bareroot Alnus incana 60/80 cm Bareroot 87
Alder, Grey-90/120 cm-Bareroot Alnus incana 90/120 cm Bareroot 8
Alder, Italian-120/150 cm-Bareroot Alnus cordata 120/150 cm Bareroot 51
Alder, Italian-60/80 cm-Bareroot Alnus cordata 60/80 cm Bareroot 28
Amelanchier, Juneberry-60/80 cm-Bareroot Amelanchier lamarckii 60/80 cm Bareroot 159
Barberry, Julians-40/60 cm Berberis julianae 40/60 cm - Potted 216
Beech, Copper / Purple-100/125 cm-Bareroot Fagus sylvatica purpurea 100/125 cm Bareroot 231
Beech, Copper / Purple-120/150 cm-Bareroot Fagus sylvatica purpurea 120/150 cm Bareroot 34
Beech, Copper / Purple-60/80 cm-Bareroot Fagus sylvatica purpurea 60/80 cm Bareroot 411
Beech, Green - Fagus sylvatica-150/175 cm-Bareroot Fagus sylvatica 150/175 cm Bareroot 415
Birch, Silver-100/125 cm-Bareroot Betula pendula 100/125 cm Bareroot 40
Birch, Silver-120/150 cm-Bareroot Betula pendula 120/150 cm Bareroot 31
Blackthorn-40/60 cm-Bareroot Prunus spinosa 40/60 cm Bareroot 553
Blackthorn-60/80 cm-Bareroot Prunus spinosa 60/80 cm Bareroot 971
Blackthorn-90/120 cm-Bareroot Prunus spinosa 90/120 cm Bareroot 5091
Box, Common-30/40 cm-Bareroot Buxus sempervirens 30/40 cm Bareroot 185
Buckthorn, Purging-60/80 cm-Bareroot Rhamnus cathartica 60/80 cm Bareroot 79
Buckthorn, Sea-60/80 cm-Bareroot Hippophae rhamnoides 60/80 cm Bareroot 169
Cherry Plum - Prunus cerasifera-60/80 cm-Bareroot Prunus cerasifera 60/80 cm Bareroot 929
Cherry Plum - Prunus cerasifera-90/120 cm-Bareroot Prunus cerasifera 90/120 cm Bareroot 1126
Cherry, Bird-60/80 cm-Bareroot Prunus padus 60/80 cm Bareroot 154
Cherry, Cornelian-60/80 cm-Bareroot Cornus mas 60/80 cm Bareroot 97
Cherry, Plum-40/60 Prunus cerasifera 40/60 cm Bareroot 4563
Cherry, Wild-150/175 cm-Bareroot Prunus avium 150/175 cm Bareroot 163
Cherry, Wild-60/80 cm-Bareroot Prunus avium 60/80 cm Bareroot 253
Chestnut, Horse-60/80 cm-Bareroot Aesculus hippocastanum 60/80 cm Bareroot 30
Cotoneaster franchetii-40/60 cm-Bareroot Cotoneaster franchettii 40/60 cm Bareroot 20
Dogwood, Common-40/60 cm-Bareroot Cornus sanguinea 40/60 cm Bareroot 123
Dogwood, Common-60/80 cm-Bareroot Cornus sanguinea 60/80 cm Bareroot 44
Dogwood, Common-90/120 cm-Bareroot Cornus sanguinea 90/120 cm Bareroot 174
Dogwood, Elegantissima (Red)-60/80 cm-Bareroot Cornus alba Elegantissima 60/80 cm Bareroot 31
Dogwood, Gouchaultii (Red)-60/80 cm-Bareroot Cornus alba Gouchaultii 60/80 cm Bareroot 6
Dogwood, Midwinter Fire-30/40 cm-Bareroot Cornus sanguinea Midwinter Fire 30/40 cm Bareroot 2016
Elaeagnus angustifolia - Oleaster-60/80 cm-Bareroot Elaeagnus angustifolia 60/80 cm Bareroot 13
Elderflower, Common-60/80 cm-Bareroot Sambucus nigra 60/80 cm Bareroot 329
Fir, Douglas-30/50 cm-Bareroot Pseudotsuga menziesii 30/50 cm Bareroot 9
Fir, Grand-30/40 cm-Bareroot Abies grandis 30/40 cm Bareroot 7
Fir, Korean-20/40 cm-Bareroot Abies koreana 20/40 cm Bareroot 26
Fir, Noble-15/30 cm-Bareroot Abies procera 15/30 cm Bareroot 3
Guelder Rose-40/60 cm-Bareroot Viburnum opulus 40/60 cm Bareroot 90
Guelder Rose-60/80 cm-Bareroot Viburnum opulus 60/80 cm Bareroot 505
Hawthorn, Quickthorn-40/60 cm-Bareroot Crataegus monogyna 40/60 cm Bareroot 9814
Hawthorn, Quickthorn-60/80 cm-Bareroot Crataegus monogyna 60/80 cm Bareroot 23672
Hawthorn, Quickthorn-90/120 cm-Bareroot Crataegus monogyna 90/120 cm Bareroot 4825
Hazel, Cob / Filbert-40/60 cm-Bareroot Corylus avellana maxima 40/60 cm Bareroot 704
Hazel, Common-100/125 cm-Bareroot Corylus avellana 100/125 cm Bareroot 1341
Hazel, Common-40/60 cm-Bareroot Corylus avellana 40/60 cm Bareroot 2630
Hazel, Common-60/80 cm-Bareroot Corylus avellana 60/80 cm Bareroot 3486
Hazel, Purple Filbert-40/60 cm-Bareroot Corylus avellana maxima Purpurea 40/60 cm Bareroot 92
Hedera Helix - P9 Pots Hedera helix P9 (9cm Pot) 307
Holly, Green - Potted-30/40 cm Ilex aquifolium 30/40 cm - Potted 85
Holly, Green - Potted-40/60 cm Ilex aquifolium 40/60 cm - Potted 64
Holly, Japanese-P9 Ilex crenata Convexa P9 (9cm Pot) 106
Honeysuckle Shrub-30/40 cm-Bareroot Lonicera nitida 30/40 cm Bareroot 166
Hornbeam - Carpinus betulus-120/150 cm-Bareroot Carpinus betulus 120/150 cm Bareroot 73
Hornbeam - Carpinus betulus-40/60 cm-Bareroot Carpinus betulus 40/60 cm Bareroot 264
Lawsons Cypress-30/50 cm-Bareroot Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 30/50 cm Bareroot 24
Leylandii - Potted-60/80 cm 3 LITRE POT Cupressocyparis leylandii 60/80-3L 105
Lilac-40/60 cm Syringa vulgaris 40/60 cm Bareroot 1
Lime, Broad-leaved-60/80 cm-Bareroot Tilia platyphyllos 60/80 cm Bareroot 22
Lime, Small-Leaved-60/80 cm-Bareroot Tilia cordata 60/80 cm Bareroot 252
Maple, Field-150/175 cm-Bareroot Acer campestre 150/175 cm Bareroot 40
Maple, Field-60/80 cm-Bareroot Acer campestre 60/80 cm Bareroot 1024
Maple, Field-90/120 cm-Bareroot Acer campestre 90/120 cm Bareroot 140
Maple, Japanese-60/80 cm-Bareroot Acer palmatum 60/80 cm Bareroot 365
Maple, Silver-60/80 cm-Bareroot Acer saccharinum 60/80 cm Bareroot 69
Oak, English - Quercus robur-150/175 cm-Bareroot Quercus robur 150/175 cm Bareroot 65
Oak, English - Quercus robur-30/50 cm-Bareroot Quercus robur 30/50 cm Bareroot 2212
Oak, Pin-60/80 cm-Bareroot Quercus palustris 60/80 cm Bareroot 5
Oak, Red-90/120 cm-Bareroot Quercus rubra 90/120 cm Bareroot 55
Oak, Sessile-30/50 cm-Bareroot Quercus petraea 30/50 cm Bareroot 76
Oak, Sessile-40/60 cm-Bareroot Quercus petraea 40/60 cm Bareroot 149
Oak, Turkey-60/80 cm-Bareroot Quercus cerris 60/80 cm Bareroot 36
Philadelphus Virginal-60/80 cm-Bareroot Philadelphus Virginal 60/80 cm Bareroot 23
Poplar, Black-90/120 cm-Bareroot Populus nigra 90/120 cm Bareroot 8
Privet, Golden-60/80 cm-Bareroot Ligustrum ovalifolium aureum 60/80 cm Bareroot 2
Privet, Green-40/60 cm-Bareroot Ligustrum ovalifolium 40/60 cm Bareroot 473
Privet, Green-60/80 cm-Bareroot Ligustrum ovalifolium 60/80 cm Bareroot 608
Privet, Wild-60/80 cm-Bareroot Ligustrum vulgare 60/80 cm Bareroot 2089
Rhamnus frangula - Buckthorn, Alder-60/80 cm-Bareroot Rhamnus frangula 60/80 cm Bareroot 137
Rose, Dog-40/60 cm-Bareroot Rosa canina 40/60 cm Bareroot 3723
Rose, Field-50/80 cm-Bareroot Rosa arvensis 50/80 cm Bareroot 4
Rose, Red Ramanas-60/80 cm-Bareroot Rosa rugosa 'rubra' 60/80 cm Bareroot 28
Rose, Sweet Briar-60/80 cm-Bareroot Rosa rubiginosa 60/80 cm Bareroot 169
Rose, White Ramanas-60/80 cm-Bareroot Rosa rugosa 'alba' 60/80 cm Bareroot 141
Rowan/Mountain Ash-60/80 cm-Bareroot Sorbus aucuparia 60/80 cm Bareroot 561
Spindleberry-60/80 cm-Bareroot Euonymus Europaeus 60/80 cm Bareroot 441
Spindleberry-90/120 cm-Bareroot Euonymus Europaeus 90/120 cm Bareroot 240
Spruce, Blue-20/40 cm-Bareroot Picea pungens glauca 20/40 cm Bareroot 18
Tamarisk-60/80 cm-Bareroot Tamarix tetrandra 60/80 cm Bareroot 54
Viburnum bodnantense Dawn - 3L Viburnum bodnantense Dawn 3 Litre Pot 1
Walnut, Common-60/80 cm-Bareroot Juglans regia 60/80 cm Bareroot 139
Wayfaring Tree-40/60 cm-Bareroot Viburnum lantana 40/60 cm Bareroot 138
Wayfaring Tree-60/80 cm-Bareroot Viburnum lantana 60/80 cm Bareroot 768
Wayfaring Tree-90/120 cm-Bareroot Viburnum lantana 90/120 cm Bareroot 58
Wild Service Tree - Sorbus torminalis-60/80 cm-Bareroot Sorbus torminalis 60/80 cm Bareroot 94
Willow, Common Osier-60/80 cm-Bareroot Salix viminalis 60/80 cm Bareroot 358
Willow, Crack-60/80 cm-Bareroot Salix fragilis 60/80 cm Bareroot 94
Willow, Goat-60/80 cm-Bareroot Salix caprea 60/80 cm Bareroot 40
Willow, Purple-60/80 cm-Bareroot Salix purpurea 60/80 cm Bareroot 11
Willow, Rosemary Leaf-60/80 cm-Bareroot Salix rosmarinifolia 60/80 cm Bareroot 50
Willow, Violet-60/80 cm-Bareroot Salix daphnoides 60/80 cm Bareroot 63
Willow, White-60/80 cm-Bareroot Salix alba 60/80 cm Bareroot 22
Yew, Taxus baccata - Rootballed-100/125 cm Taxus baccata - rootballs 100/125 cm Rootballed 48
Yew, Taxus baccata - Rootballed-120/150 cm Taxus baccata - rootballs 120/150 cm Rootballed 25
Yew, Taxus baccata - Rootballed-80/100 cm Taxus baccata - rootballs 80/100 cm Rootballed 18

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