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Hedging - Availability List

Hedging Plants in stock and available for delivery as soon as possible. Because almost all our hedging is barerooted and to keep quality as high as possible, your order is lifted after you have placed it (and we lift in batches), it may be a few days before your plants are ready for packing. You will receive an email within two working days of ordering with a delivery estimate. If you want to see what is not in stock but will be available next season please have a look at all our full list of hedging plants for sale 

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English Name Latin Name Size Quantity
Alder, Common-60/80 cm-Bareroot Alnus glutinosa 60/80 cm 1265
Alder, Grey-90/120 cm-Bareroot Alnus incana 90/120 cm 49
Alder, Italian-120/150 cm-Bareroot Alnus cordata 120/150 cm 7
Alder, Italian-40/60 cm-Bareroot Alnus cordata 40/60 cm 360
Alder, Italian-60/80 cm-Bareroot Alnus cordata 60/80 cm 680
Barberry, Green-40/60 cm-Bareroot Berberis thunbergii 40/60 cm 145
Barberry, Julians-20/30 cm-Bareroot Berberis julianae 20/30 cm Bareroot 180
Barberry, Purple-40/60 cm-Bareroot Berberis thunbergii atropurpurea 40/60 cm 735
Beech, Green - Fagus sylvatica-120/150 cm-Bareroot Fagus sylvatica 120/150 cm 2420
Beech, Green - Fagus sylvatica-150/175 cm-Bareroot Fagus sylvatica 150/175 cm 72
Birch, Silver-100/125 cm-Bareroot Betula pendula 100/125 cm 700
Blackthorn-60/80 cm-Bareroot Prunus spinosa 60/80 cm 78
Blackthorn-90/120 cm-Bareroot Prunus spinosa 90/120 cm 507
Cherry Plum - Prunus cerasifera-60/80 cm-Bareroot Prunus cerasifera 60/80 cm 37
Cherry Plum - Prunus cerasifera-90/120 cm-Bareroot Prunus cerasifera 90/120 cm 1243
Cotinus Coggygria Purpurea-P9 Cotinus Coggygria Purpurea P9 (9cm Pot) 29
Crabapple, Wild-40/60 cm-Bareroot Malus sylvestris 40/60 cm 349
Creeping bramble - Potted-1.5 LITRE POT Rubus tricolor 1.5 LITRE POT 275
Dogwood, Common-40/60 cm-Bareroot Cornus sanguinea 40/60 cm 116
Dogwood, Common-60/80 cm-Bareroot Cornus sanguinea 60/80 cm 638
Dogwood, Common-90/120 cm-Bareroot Cornus sanguinea 90/120 cm 452
Dogwood, Kesselringii (Purple)-60/80 cm-Bareroot Cornus alba kesselringii 60/80 cm 47
Dogwood, Spaethii (Red)-60/80 cm-Bareroot Cornus alba Spaethii 60/80 cm 53
Elder, Golden-60/80 cm-Bareroot Sambucus nigra 'Aurea' 60/80 cm 169
Fir, Korean-15/30 cm-Bareroot Abies koreana 15/30 cm Bareroot 15
Fir, Nordman-15/20 cm-Bareroot Abies nordmanniana 15/20 cm Bareroot 669
Forsythia intermedia Spectabilis-60/80 cm-Bareroot Forsythia intermedia Spectabilis 60/80 cm 150
Guelder Rose-40/60 cm-Bareroot Viburnum opulus 40/60 cm 88
Guelder Rose-60/80 cm-Bareroot Viburnum opulus 60/80 cm 191
Hawthorn, Quickthorn-120/150 cm-Bareroot Crataegus monogyna 120/150 cm 2873
Hawthorn, Quickthorn-40/60 cm-Bareroot Crataegus monogyna 40/60 cm 15277
Hawthorn, Quickthorn-60/80 cm-Bareroot Crataegus monogyna 60/80 cm 25029
Hawthorn, Quickthorn-90/120 cm-Bareroot Crataegus monogyna 90/120 cm 40
Hazel, Common-100/125 cm-Bareroot Corylus avellana 100/125 cm 70
Hazel, Common-40/60 cm-Bareroot Corylus avellana 40/60 cm 1035
Hazel, Common-60/80 cm-Bareroot Corylus avellana 60/80 cm 4617
Hedera Helix - P9 Pots Hedera helix P9 (9cm Pot) 344
Holly, Green - Potted-P9 Ilex aquifolium P9 (9cm Pot) 372
Holly, Japanese-P9 Ilex crenata Convexa P9 (9cm Pot) 857
Ivy - Potted-1.5 LITRE POT-Potted Hedera helix 1.5 LITRE POT 813
Leylandii - Potted-40/60 cm 3 LITRE POT Cupressocyparis leylandii 40/60 cm 3 LITRE POT 187
Leylandii - Potted-P9 Cupressocyparis leylandii P9 (9cm Pot) 241
Lime, Broad-leaved-60/80 cm-Bareroot Tilia platyphyllos 60/80 cm 625
Maple, Field-150/175 cm-Bareroot Acer campestre 150/175 cm 17
Maple, Field-60/80 cm-Bareroot Acer campestre 60/80 cm 1137
Maple, Japanese-60/80 cm-Bareroot Acer palmatum 60/80 cm 429
Maple, Silver-60/80 cm-Bareroot Acer saccharinum 60/80 cm 54
Oak, English - Quercus robur-30/50 cm-Bareroot Quercus robur 30/50 cm Bareroot 3466
Oak, English - Quercus robur-80/100 cm-Bareroot Quercus robur 80/100 cm 837
Oak, Sessile-30/50 cm-Bareroot Quercus petraea 30/50 cm Bareroot 116
Oak, Sessile-50/70 cm-Bareroot Quercus petraea 50/70 cm 168
Pear, Common-60/80 cm-Bareroot Pyrus communis 60/80 cm 1020
Philadelphus Virginal-60/80 cm-Bareroot Philadelphus Virginal 60/80 cm 75
Pine, Scots-30/40 cm-Bareroot Pinus sylvestris 30/40 cm 449
Plum, Wild-60/80 cm-Bareroot Prunus domestica 60/80 cm 190
Poplar, Lombardy-90/120 cm Populus nigra 'Italica' 90/120 cm 217
Privet, Golden-60/80 cm-Bareroot Ligustrum ovalifolium aureum 60/80 cm 211
Privet, Green-40/60 cm-Bareroot Ligustrum ovalifolium 40/60 cm 582
Privet, Wild-40/60 cm-Bareroot Ligustrum vulgare 40/60 cm 426
Privet, Wild-60/80 cm-Bareroot Ligustrum vulgare 60/80 cm 124
Rhamnus frangula - Buckthorn, Alder-60/80 cm-Bareroot Rhamnus frangula 60/80 cm 527
Rose, Dog-40/60 cm-Bareroot Rosa canina 40/60 cm 702
Rose, Dog-60/80 cm-Bareroot Rosa canina 60/80 cm 485
Rose, Red Leaf-30/50 cm Rosa glauca 30/50 cm Bareroot 350
Rose, Red Leaf-40/60 cm-Bareroot Rosa glauca 40/60 cm 42
Rose, Scotch-60/80 cm-Bareroot Rosa pimpinellifolia 60/80 cm 106
Rose, Sweet Briar-60/80 cm-Bareroot Rosa rubiginosa 60/80 cm 85
Rose, White Ramanas-60/80 cm-Bareroot Rosa rugosa 'alba' 60/80 cm 44
Snowberry, Pink-40/60 cm-Bareroot Symphoricarpos chenaultii 40/60 cm 250
Spruce, Blue-30/40 cm-Bareroot Picea pungens glauca 30/40 cm 85
Spruce, Norway-30/50 cm-Bareroot Picea abies 30/50 cm Bareroot 1098
Sycamore-120/150 cm-Bareroot Acer pseudoplatanus 120/150 cm 329
Sycamore-60/80 cm-Bareroot Acer pseudoplatanus 60/80 cm 205
Tamarisk-60/80 cm-Bareroot Tamarix tetrandra 60/80 cm 609
Viburnum bodnantense 'Dawn' - P9 Caned Pot - Ready to Plant Now Viburnum bodnantense Dawn P9 (9cm Pot) 226
Wayfaring Tree-40/60 cm-Bareroot Viburnum lantana 40/60 cm 177
Wayfaring Tree-60/80 cm-Bareroot Viburnum lantana 60/80 cm 73
Wayfaring Tree-90/120 cm-Bareroot Viburnum lantana 90/120 cm 214
Willow, Corkscrew / Twisted-60/80 cm-Bareroot Salix babylonica tortuosa 60/80 cm 76
Willow, Crack-60/80 cm-Bareroot Salix fragilis 60/80 cm 135
Willow, Goat-60/80 cm-Bareroot Salix caprea 60/80 cm 183
Willow, Grey-60/80 cm-Bareroot Salix cinerea 60/80 cm 32
Willow, Purple-60/80 cm-Bareroot Salix purpurea 60/80 cm 174
Willow, Rosemary Leaf-60/80 cm-Bareroot Salix rosmarinifolia 60/80 cm 250
Willow, Scarlet-60/80 cm-Bareroot Salix alba 'Britzensis' 60/80 cm 101
Willow, Violet-60/80 cm-Bareroot Salix daphnoides 60/80 cm 62
Willow, Weeping-120/150 cm-Bareroot Salix sepulcralis 'Chysocoma' 120/150 cm 464
Willow, Weeping-60/80 cm-Bareroot Salix sepulcralis 'Chysocoma' 60/80 cm 164
Wych Elm-60/80 cm-Bareroot Ulmus glabra 60/80 cm 485
Yew - Taxus baccata-30/40 cm-Bareroot Taxus baccata 30/40 cm 386

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