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Hedging Plants in stock and available for delivery as soon as possible. Because almost all our hedging is barerooted and to keep quality as high as possible, your order is lifted after you have placed it (and we lift in batches), it may be a few days before your plants are ready for packing. You will receive an email within two working days of ordering with a delivery estimate. If you want to see what is not in stock but will be available next season please have a look at all our full list of hedging plants for sale 

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English Name Latin Name Size Quantity
Alder, Common-40/60 cm-Bareroot Alnus glutinosa 40/60 cm Bareroot 183
Alder, Common-60/80 cm-Bareroot Alnus glutinosa 60/80 cm Bareroot 144
Alder, Common-90/120 cm-Bareroot Alnus glutinosa 90/120 cm Bareroot 1
Alder, Grey-60/80 cm-Bareroot Alnus incana 60/80 cm Bareroot 53
Alder, Grey-90/120 cm-Bareroot Alnus incana 90/120 cm Bareroot 93
Alder, Italian-120/150 cm-Bareroot Alnus cordata 120/150 cm Bareroot 25
Alder, Italian-60/80 cm-Bareroot Alnus cordata 60/80 cm Bareroot 113
Alder, Red-60/80 cm-Bareroot Alnus rubra 60/80 cm Bareroot 114
Amelanchier, Juneberry-60/80 cm-Bareroot Amelanchier lamarckii 60/80 cm Bareroot 184
Barberry, Green-40/60 cm-Bareroot Berberis thunbergii 40/60 cm Bareroot 206
Barberry, Julians-P9-Potted Berberis julianae P9 (9cm Pot) 79
Beech, Copper / Purple-150/175 cm-Bareroot Fagus sylvatica purpurea 150/175 cm 12
Beech, Copper / Purple-30/40 cm-Bareroot Fagus sylvatica purpurea 30/40 cm Bareroot 75
Beech, Copper / Purple-40/60 cm-Bareroot Fagus sylvatica purpurea 40/60 cm Bareroot 150
Beech, Copper / Purple-80/100 cm-Bareroot Fagus sylvatica purpurea 80/100 cm Bareroot 85
Beech, Green - Fagus sylvatica-150/175 cm-Bareroot Fagus sylvatica 150/175 cm 170
Beech, Green - Fagus sylvatica-30/40 cm-Bareroot Fagus sylvatica 30/40 cm Bareroot 430
Beech, Green - Fagus sylvatica-40/60 cm-Bareroot Fagus sylvatica 40/60 cm Bareroot 499
Birch, Paper-Bark-120/150 cm-Bareroot Betula papyrifera 120/150 cm Bareroot 1
Birch, Silver-100/125 cm-Bareroot Betula pendula 100/125 cm Bareroot 271
Birch, Silver-120/150 cm-Bareroot Betula pendula 120/150 cm Bareroot 64
Birch, Silver-150/175 cm-Bareroot Betula pendula 150/175 cm 28
Blackberry - Rubus fruticosus-30/40 cm-Bareroot Rubus fruticosus 30/40 cm Bareroot 101
Blackthorn-90/120 cm-Bareroot Prunus spinosa 90/120 cm Bareroot 32
Box, Common-15/20 cm-Bareroot Buxus sempervirens 15/20 cm Bareroot 2
Buckthorn, Sea-60/80 cm-Bareroot Hippophae rhamnoides 60/80 cm Bareroot 17
Cherry Plum - Prunus cerasifera-90/120 cm-Bareroot Prunus cerasifera 90/120 cm Bareroot 268
Cherry, Bird-60/80 cm-Bareroot Prunus padus 60/80 cm Bareroot 271
Cherry, Cornelian-60/80 cm-Bareroot Cornus mas 60/80 cm Bareroot 137
Cherry, Wild-150/175 cm-Bareroot Prunus avium 150/175 cm 12
Cherry, Wild-60/80 cm-Bareroot Prunus avium 60/80 cm Bareroot 275
Chestnut, Horse-60/80 cm-Bareroot Aesculus hippocastanum 60/80 cm Bareroot 36
Cotoneaster franchetii-40/60 cm-Bareroot Cotoneaster franchettii 40/60 cm Bareroot 123
Crabapple, Wild-40/60 cm-Bareroot Malus sylvestris 40/60 cm Bareroot 137
Crabapple, Wild-60/80 cm-Bareroot Malus sylvestris 60/80 cm Bareroot 2451
Crabapple, Wild-90/120 cm-Bareroot Malus sylvestris 90/120 cm Bareroot 348
Creeping bramble - Rubus Tricolor - Potted Rubus tricolor 2 LITRE 268
Currant, King Edward VII (Flowering)-60/80 cm-Bareroot Ribes sanguineum King Edward VII 60/80 cm Bareroot 22
Dogwood, Common-40/60 cm-Bareroot Cornus sanguinea 40/60 cm Bareroot 21
Dogwood, Common-90/120 cm-Bareroot Cornus sanguinea 90/120 cm Bareroot 129
Dogwood, Elegantissima (Red)-60/80 cm-Bareroot Cornus alba Elegantissima 60/80 cm Bareroot 15
Dogwood, Sibirica (Scarlet)-60/80 cm-Bareroot Cornus alba Sibirica / Westonbirt 60/80 cm Bareroot 111
Elaeagnus angustifolia - Oleaster-60/80 cm-Bareroot Elaeagnus angustifolia 60/80 cm Bareroot 26
Elder, Golden-60/80 cm-Bareroot Sambucus nigra 'Aurea' 60/80 cm Bareroot 64
Elderflower, Common-60/80 cm-Bareroot Sambucus nigra 60/80 cm Bareroot 265
Fir, Grand-30/40 cm-Bareroot Abies grandis 30/40 cm Bareroot 36
Fir, Korean-15/30 cm-Bareroot Abies koreana 15/30 cm Bareroot 24
Fir, Noble-15/30 cm-Bareroot Abies procera 15/30 cm Bareroot 12
Fir, Nordman-15/20 cm-Bareroot Abies nordmanniana 15/20 cm Bareroot 868
Forsythia intermedia Spectabilis-60/80 cm-Bareroot Forsythia intermedia Spectabilis 60/80 cm Bareroot 57
Guelder Rose-40/60 cm-Bareroot Viburnum opulus 40/60 cm Bareroot 28
Hawthorn, Quickthorn-120/150 cm-Bareroot Crataegus monogyna 120/150 cm Bareroot 365
Hawthorn, Quickthorn-60/80 cm-Bareroot Crataegus monogyna 60/80 cm Bareroot 21104
Hazel, Common-40/60 cm-Bareroot Corylus avellana 40/60 cm Bareroot 772
Holly, Green - Potted-30/40 cm POTTED-Potted Ilex aquifolium 30/40 cm POTTED 254
Holly, Green - Potted-40/60 cm Ilex aquifolium 40/60 cm POTTED 312
Holly, Japanese-15/20 cm POTTED Ilex crenata Convexa 15/20 cm POTTED 3
Holly, Japanese-20/30 cm POTTED Ilex crenata Convexa 20/30 cm POTTED 87
Hornbeam - Carpinus betulus-100/125 cm-Bareroot Carpinus betulus 100/125 cm Bareroot 608
Hornbeam - Carpinus betulus-150/175 cm-Bareroot Carpinus betulus 150/175 cm 229
Laurel, Bay - Potted-25+ cm Laurus nobilis P11 120
Laurel, Portugal-30/50 cm-Bareroot Prunus lusitanica 30/50 cm Bareroot 138
Leylandii - Potted-90/120 cm 3 LITRE POT-Potted Cupressocyparis leylandii 90/120 cm 3 LITRE POT 887
Lilac-60/80 cm-Bareroot Syringa vulgaris 60/80 cm Bareroot 205
Lime, Broad-leaved-60/80 cm-Bareroot Tilia platyphyllos 60/80 cm Bareroot 16
Lime, Small-Leaved-120/150 cm-Bareroot Tilia cordata 120/150 cm Bareroot 44
Maple, Field-150/175 cm-Bareroot Acer campestre 150/175 cm 13
Maple, Field-90/120 cm-Bareroot Acer campestre 90/120 cm Bareroot 130
Maple, Red-60/80 cm-Bareroot Acer rubrum 60/80 cm Bareroot 100
Maple, Silver-60/80 cm-Bareroot Acer saccharinum 60/80 cm Bareroot 105
Oak, English - Quercus robur-30/50 cm-Bareroot Quercus robur 30/50 cm Bareroot 230
Oak, English - Quercus robur-50/70 cm-Bareroot Quercus robur 50/70 cm Bareroot 193
Oak, Pin-60/80 cm-Bareroot Quercus palustris 60/80 cm Bareroot 76
Oak, Sessile-30/50 cm-Bareroot Quercus petraea 30/50 cm Bareroot 145
Oak, Turkey-60/80 cm-Bareroot Quercus cerris 60/80 cm Bareroot 90
Pear, Common-60/80 cm-Bareroot Pyrus communis 60/80 cm Bareroot 584
Philadelphus Virginal-60/80 cm-Bareroot Philadelphus Virginal 60/80 cm Bareroot 29
Pine, Scots-30/40 cm-Bareroot Pinus sylvestris 30/40 cm Bareroot 147
Poplar, Aspen-60/80 cm-Bareroot Populus tremula 60/80 cm Bareroot 255
Poplar, Black-120/150 cm-Bareroot Populus nigra 120/150 cm Bareroot 16
Poplar, Black-90/120 cm-Bareroot Populus nigra 90/120 cm Bareroot 5
Poplar, Hybrid Gaver Sett-60/80 cm-Bareroot Populus Gaver Sett 60/80 cm Bareroot 364
Poplar, Lombardy-90/120 cm Populus nigra 'Italica' 90/120 cm Bareroot 388
Poplar, White-90/120 cm-Bareroot Populus alba 90/120 cm Bareroot 18
Privet, Golden-30/40 cm-Bareroot Ligustrum ovalifolium aureum 30/40 cm Bareroot 127
Privet, Golden-40/60 cm-Bareroot Ligustrum ovalifolium aureum 40/60 cm Bareroot 174
Privet, Golden-60/80 cm-Bareroot Ligustrum ovalifolium aureum 60/80 cm Bareroot 154
Privet, Green-40/60 cm-Bareroot Ligustrum ovalifolium 40/60 cm Bareroot 294
Privet, Green-60/80 cm-Bareroot Ligustrum ovalifolium 60/80 cm Bareroot 69
Rhamnus frangula - Buckthorn, Alder-60/80 cm-Bareroot Rhamnus frangula 60/80 cm Bareroot 101
Rose, Dog-40/60 cm-Bareroot Rosa canina 40/60 cm Bareroot 14
Rose, Field-50/80 cm-Bareroot Rosa arvensis 50/80 cm Bareroot 323
Rose, Red Leaf-30/50 cm Rosa glauca 30/50 cm Bareroot 215
Rose, Red Ramanas-40/60 cm-Bareroot Rosa rugosa 'rubra' 40/60 cm Bareroot 295
Rose, Red Ramanas-60/80 cm-Bareroot Rosa rugosa 'rubra' 60/80 cm Bareroot 353
Rose, White Ramanas-40/60 cm-Bareroot Rosa rugosa 'alba' 40/60 cm Bareroot 85
Rose, White Ramanas-60/80 cm-Bareroot Rosa rugosa 'alba' 60/80 cm Bareroot 88
Spindleberry-40/60 cm-Bareroot Euonymus Europaeus 40/60 cm Bareroot 106
Spindleberry-60/80 cm-Bareroot Euonymus Europaeus 60/80 cm Bareroot 143
Spindleberry-90/120 cm-Bareroot Euonymus Europaeus 90/120 cm Bareroot 100
Spruce, Blue-30/40 cm-Bareroot Picea pungens glauca 30/40 cm Bareroot 31
Spruce, Norway-30/50 cm-Bareroot Picea abies 30/50 cm Bareroot 329
Sycamore-120/150 cm-Bareroot Acer pseudoplatanus 120/150 cm Bareroot 66
Sycamore-60/80 cm-Bareroot Acer pseudoplatanus 60/80 cm Bareroot 98
Tamarisk-60/80 cm-Bareroot Tamarix tetrandra 60/80 cm Bareroot 60
Walnut, Black-60/80 cm-Bareroot Juglans nigra 60/80 cm Bareroot 71
Walnut, Common-60/80 cm-Bareroot Juglans regia 60/80 cm Bareroot 27
Wayfaring Tree-40/60 cm-Bareroot Viburnum lantana 40/60 cm Bareroot 726
Wayfaring Tree-90/120 cm-Bareroot Viburnum lantana 90/120 cm Bareroot 197
Whitebeam-60/80 cm-Bareroot Sorbus aria 60/80 cm Bareroot 79
Wild Service Tree - Sorbus torminalis-60/80 cm-Bareroot Sorbus torminalis 60/80 cm Bareroot 8
Willow, Common Osier-60/80 cm-Bareroot Salix viminalis 60/80 cm Bareroot 348
Willow, Crack-60/80 cm-Bareroot Salix fragilis 60/80 cm Bareroot 202
Willow, Goat-60/80 cm-Bareroot Salix caprea 60/80 cm Bareroot 204
Willow, Grey-60/80 cm-Bareroot Salix cinerea 60/80 cm Bareroot 47
Willow, Hybrid Q83-50/70 cm-Bareroot Salix viminalis Hybrid Q83 - Hybrid Willow 50/70 cm Bareroot 34
Willow, Purple-60/80 cm-Bareroot Salix purpurea 60/80 cm Bareroot 58
Willow, Rosemary Leaf-60/80 cm-Bareroot Salix rosmarinifolia 60/80 cm Bareroot 199
Willow, Scarlet-60/80 cm-Bareroot Salix alba 'Britzensis' 60/80 cm Bareroot 281
Willow, Violet-60/80 cm-Bareroot Salix daphnoides 60/80 cm Bareroot 222
Willow, White-60/80 cm-Bareroot Salix alba 60/80 cm Bareroot 104
Yew - Taxus baccata-30/40 cm-Bareroot Taxus baccata 30/40 cm Bareroot 27
Yew, Taxus baccata - Rootballed-120/150 cm-Bareroot Taxus baccata - rootballs 120/150 cm Bareroot 343
Yew, Taxus baccata - Rootballed-140/160 cm-Bareroot Taxus baccata - rootballs 140/160 cm Bareroot 60
Yew, Taxus baccata - Rootballed-80/100 cm-Bareroot Taxus baccata - rootballs 80/100 cm Bareroot 101

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