Thorny Hedging Plants

Thorned Hedging

It is an unfortunate fact of life that thorny plants form an increasing proportion of our range of hedging plants for sale. Sometimes "thorny" is the only way to go. That does not stop them from being beautiful, however. Browse our full variety of thorny hedging plants below.

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  1. Berberis darwinii - 30 - 60cms container grown Bushes

    • Thorny. Small, evergreen leaves.
    • Decorative flowers & edible fruit.
    • Excellent garden hedging.
    • Max. Height: 2m
    • Year round delivery.
    • RHS AGM
    From £2.64  Inc VAT

    Out of Stock

  2. Conservation Hedging - Packs of 50 Plants
    • 60-120cms Bareroot Saplings
    • Native. Qualifies for grant aid.
    • 50% Hawthorn
    • Any soil except waterlogged sites.
    • 1 pack makes 16.5 metres of hedge.
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Mar
    From £64.80  Inc VAT

  3. Hippophae rhamnoides - 60-80cms Shrubs
    • Native. Thorny. Edible orange berries.
    • Grows on chalk & the coast.
    • Fixes nitrogen.
    • Good for stabilising sand dunes.
    • Max. Height: 8m
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Mar.
    From £3.24  Inc VAT

    • Height: up to 4m
    • Soil: not chalk
    • Use: Thorny barrier hedging
    • Single Row: 3/m
    • Colour: Green leaves, black branches
    • Flowers: creamy white, late Feb-March
    • Location: Shade tolerant
    From £1.92  Inc VAT

  4. Farm Hedging - Packs of 50 Plants
    • 60 - 80cms Bareroot Saplings
    • Mixed native hedging.
    • Safe for horses, cattle etc. No Blackthorn included.
    • 1 pack makes 16.5 metres of hedge.
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Mar.
    From £64.80  Inc VAT

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