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Leyland Cypress Hedge Plants

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Type Evergreen, Hedging, Pot Grown, Screening

× Cuprocyparis leylandii

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Fast Growing Evergreen Leylandii Hedge Plants

Leylandii, × Cuprocyparis (or Cupressocyparis) leylandii, is the world's most vigorous coniferous tree. For anyone keen to achieve privacy in their garden almost immediately, plant a Leylandii Cypress hedge! Its slightly shaggy fronds of bright evergreen foliage have a softness not found amongst most conifers.  If left to become a mature tree, a Leylandii will reach 40m in forty years and has an elegant, columnar shape that tapers towards the top. However, it is mainly grown as a hedge or screen. Have a look at our other evergreen hedge plants here, or browse all of our hedging here.

You cannot fail to have a wonderful hedge quickly using Leylandii cypress that will cut out noise and light disturbance from roads or neighbours. It makes an effective break from prevailing winds allowing you to plant more tender plants in your protected garden and will screen ugly buildings. It is also a quick solution to creating different 'rooms' in your garden so you can have areas of contrasting atmosphere and planting.

Growing Leylandii 

It will thrive in almost any soil and seems to be immune to pollution and sea winds.

The spacing, and therefore the number of trees you will need, is dictated by the height you want to achieve. Plant the trees further apart if you are aiming to screen out a large building. For an easily maintained hedge, plant them closer together at more like 60 cm apart.

You must clip hedge twice a year to keep it under control. If you can do this, you will keep your Leylandii at a manageable and practical height that will not involve the added expense of special equipment or tree surgeons. If you let the regime slip, it is almost impossible to regain the shape you wanted, and the taller it gets, the harder it is to clip.
If you need an evergreen hedge that is easier to control, consider using Yew instead.

Leylandii is delivered pot-grown all the year round and is best planted in early to mid-spring.


  • Height: up to 40m
  • Spread: 2 m
  • Colour: bright, matt green
  • Spacing: 60-150cm
  • Foliage: evergreen fronds
  • Feature: fast-growing hedge

The Law of the Leylandii

Leylandii was created accidentally: the two American species of Cypress (Chamaecyparis nootkatensis and Cupressus macrocarpa) cross-fertilised in Wales by chance and the consequent hybrid was recorded in 1888 by CJ Leyland. The resulting tree was propagated by clones. By 1911, when more were discovered, it became clear that a very special tree had come into being. Under the right conditions, Leylandii can achieve a metre of growth each and every year - a feat almost unheard of for any conifer bar the giant redwoods. The wood makes high-quality structural timber and because it can be replenished so quickly Leyland cypress is very attractive commercially. These trees have almost no natural enemies (stressed trees can develop bacterial cankers but this only tends to happen if they have been cut back too hard or become very dehydrated) and so will grow anywhere. Such phenomenal growth rates have now engendered a new law - The High Hedges Act. It was drawn up specifically to give people legal recourse against neighbours who let their Leylandii get out of hand. The law can apply to any evergreen hedge over two metres tall but it was not until this tree became so popular that the law became necessary!

Older sources may list is as Callitropsis × leylandii. 

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Bareroot planting is best done between October and April
Bareroot and potted - what's the difference?

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