Blackcurrant Big Ben (Ribes nigrum 'Big Ben') 1Blackcurrant Big Ben (Ribes nigrum 'Big Ben') 1

Big Ben Blackcurrant Plants

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The details

  • Fruit: Sweet, huge berries up to 3g, crops to 4.5kg
  • Use: Excellent fresh off the bush, Cooking.
  • Picking: late June
  • Height: 1-1.6m x Spread: 1-1.5m
  • Spacing: 1.5m
  • Self-fertile & Disease resistant
  • RHS Award of Garden Merit
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Big Ben Blackcurrant Bushes

Description of Big Ben Plants & Fruit:
This huge blackcurrant is the biggest we've seen: at least double the size of other blackcurrants. Their bulk does not diminish their flavour: they are sweet (slightly more so than Ebony) and are delicious straight off the branch. These are vigorous plants, and they crop early, so a sunny site is important to get the best flavour. Big Ben was bred for fruit to eat fresh off the plant, unlike most blackcurrants, which were bred for the juice industry. 
The branches have an arching growth habit, which means they need a bit more room than other varieties, but they are also easy to pick and well suited for growing on wires.
They are resistant to leaf spot and mildew.

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Characteristics of Big Ben Bushes:

  • Massive fruit, up to 3g per currant. Mature plants can bear around 4.5kg per season.
  • Sweet and ideal for eating fresh. Fine for cooking as well.
  • Crops from the end of June.

Growing Big Ben Blackcurrant Plants:

  • Your plants need a really well prepared, fertile soil.
  • Neutral to slightly acid soil is best.
  • Well drained earth is ideal, but blackcurrants are ok with a bit of damp.
  • A sunny site is necessary to give this vigorous plant the energy it needs to make the best fruit.

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Background Information on Big Ben Blackcurrant Bushes:

This modern breed is another excellent creation of the Scottish Crop Research Institute. Its heritage is broad, but the main parents are Goliath, Ojebyn, and Ben Nevis.