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Mermaid Climbing Roses

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The details

  • Height: 10m
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Shape: Single
  • Scent: Medium
  • Flowering period: Repeat
  • Type: Climber
  • RHS Award of Garden Merit
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Mermaid Climbing Roses

A Mermaid climbing rose when well grown is a truly spectacular sight. One of the giants of the climbing rose world, Mermaid can grow to over 30 feet (9-10 metres). Its single, broad-opening flowers with their canary yellow petals and sulphur coloured stamens are highly attractive to bees and other pollinating insects and cover the plant so little else can be seen in its first flowering flush in June. Flowering continues with regularity through the summer and into autumn making a Mermaid rose a real feature in your garden.

As well as size, the other remarkable feature of Mermaid roses is that their foliage is almost evergreen. These two characteristics make it a wonderful plant for cloaking unsightly buildings and for scranbling into medium sized trees.

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Great for your garden

As hardy as they are vigorous, Mermaid climbing roses are well suited for screening and for scrambling into and over large unsightly objects. They are disease resistant , tolerant of exposed positions and frost pockets and so are a must have in any garden large enough to accommodate them.

Mermaid facts

Climbing Rose
Canary Yellow Flowers against near-Evergreen Foliage
Large Open-Faced, Single flowers
Delicate Fragrance
Grows to around 30ft in height and 20ft in spread
Repeat flowering
Hardy, with High Disease Resistance
Attracts bees and pollinating insects. Wonderful for nesting birds.

Look out for

Size. In its full pomp, Mermaid is over 30 feet tall by up to 20 feet wide and deep. That is the size of a small back garden. This is not a plant for small spaces.

Planting Instructions

How to plant Mermaid

Your Mermaid rose should be planted in winter or in spring. It will grow in any well-drained soil, but digging some well-rotted garden compost into the planting area beforehand will give it a better start. Mermaid does best in a sunny location or at least where the top of the plant is in the sun (as in growing up through a tree). The union should be level with the surrounding soil when planted. Mermaid will take a year or two to get going, but once established, its growth rate is phenomenal. Fully grown these roses are heavy. Whatever structure they grow over needs to be strong enough to support considerable strain.

What to expect

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Perfect for Winter

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