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Mrs Sam McGredy Climbing RoseMrs Sam McGredy Climbing Rose

Mrs Sam McGredy Climbing Roses

Rosa Mrs Sam McGredyPlant guarantee for 1 year

The details

  • Height: 5m
  • Colour: Orange
  • Shape: Double
  • Scent: Medium
  • Flowering period: Repeat
  • Type: Climber
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Mrs Sam McGredy Climbing Roses

Mrs Sam McGredy is an ideal climbing rose to plant against south facing walls and around pillars to lend a classical, nostalgic feel to your garden and its features. Reaching up to 15 feet in height and spread, this twiggy, prickly classic is perfect to provide a bit of coverage and character to a larger aspect without being overwhelming. The flowers are a cupped full bloom in a gorgeous shade of copper orange, with hints of pink and yellow They are highly scented with the unmistakable fruity scent of its hybrid tea parentage.

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Great for your garden

Hardy, robust and vigorous for its age, this variety thrives best when grown on a south-facing aspect. Perfect for the intermediate grower, as this rose can require a little more experience and attention than a lot of our other varieties, but rewards that time invested with some glorious floral displays. Complementing the classic, nostalgic appearance is the similarly nostalgic scent.

Mrs Sam McGredy facts

Climbing Rose
Copper-Orange to Pink Blooms on Glossy, Dark Bronze Foliage
Classic Hybrid Tea High-Centred flower
Fruity Scent, nostalgic of Early Hybrid Teas
Grows to around 15 feet in height and spread
Repeat Flowering season
Hardy with good disease resistance

Planting Instructions

How to plant Mrs Sam McGredy

Mrs Sam McGredy should be planted between autumn and spring when there is no snow and when temperatures are above freezing. Like most roses they prefer well drained soil and enjoy the addition of well rotted manure or compost at planting time. A generous 1/2 bucket per plant is ample. The graft (union) should be level with the surrounding soil when you finish planting. A top dressing of Vitax Rose Fertiliser in spring encourages a real show in summer

Fully grown these roses will climb to around 15CFCbCbCb in height and spread, and they should be positioned on a South-facing aspect in order to achieve the greatest of their potential. Expect repeat flowering from around May right through into the beginning of Autumn.