Meeches Prolific Quince Trees

Key Data
Misc Self fertile
Fruiting Late Season
Type Cooking, Eating
Ornamental Qualities Autumn Colour, Fragrant

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Meeches Prolific Quince

Meeches Prolific - quinces are now know as Cydonia oblonga but were Pyrus cydonia.... is one of the three best grafted fruiting quinces for the British climate - the other being Vranja and Serbia Gold, both of which we also sell and which you can find in our range of figs, quinces and medlars.

Meeches Prolific is self-fertile, flowers in May and carries good crops of large, highly scented golden fruit - they can be huge - up to 1/2 Kg each which are ready for picking in October. Quinces originally came from Iranian mountain slopes - which can get cold in winter so they are extremely hardy. Iran gets hot in summer however, and although quince trees will fruit as far North as Yorkshire, Meeches Prolific will need a sheltered sunny spot there. All quinces are ideal, and decorative, subjects for a sunny wall where they are easy to train. For those who try to bring scent into the garden, don't forget the fruit on the tree is deliciously fragrant. We have one at home which fills the garden with scent in October when its quinces are ripe and almost everything else has shut up shop for the winter....

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