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This is the complete list of roses you can buy on this site. If you know which rose you want to buy is probably easier to simply search for it by name but if you are looking for inspiration then every rose we sell (or have sold in the past) is listed here including hybrid tea, floribunda, climbing, ramblershrub and David Austin roses. All our plants are grown here in the UK, are lifted to order, packed and despatched to you by us from Castle Cary in Somerset and are fully guaranteed.

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    • Height: 6m
    • Colour: Creamy-white
    • Shape: Full Double
    • Scent: Strong
    • Flowering period: Once in summer
    • Type: Rambler
    From £10.74  Inc VAT

    • Height: to 5m
    • Spread: to 3m
    • Colour: pale pink
    • Shape of flower: loose
    • Size of flower: medium
    • Scent: highly scented
    • Flowering: June-July
    • Group: rambler
    • Foliage: green with coppery new shoots
    • RHS Award of Garden Merit
    From £10.74  Inc VAT

    Out of Stock

    • Height: 4.5m
    • Shape: Flat, double
    • Colour: Coral pink
    • Fragrance: Sharp apple scent
    • Leaves: Dark green foliage
    • No repeat flowering
    From £10.74  Inc VAT

    • Height: 2.5x2m
    • Colour: light pink
    • Shape: Small, semi-double flowers
    • Scent: Strong
    • Flowering period: All Summer
    • Type: Rambling
    • Shade tolerant
    From £10.74  Inc VAT

    Out of Stock

    • Height: 3.2m
    • Colour: Pink
    • Shape: Double
    • Scent: Light
    • Flowering period: Repeat
    • Type: Climber
    From £10.74  Inc VAT

  1. Pauls Himalayan Musk
    • Colour: Pink, fading to white.
    • Shape: Small, double, open centre.
    • Scent: Good.
    • Flower Period: Once in Summer.
    • Height: 6m
    From £10.74  Inc VAT

    Out of Stock

  2. Perennial Blush
    • Colour: Pale pink, fading to white, yellow centre.
    • Shape: Small, simple, open centre.
    • Scent: Light.
    • Flower Period: Repeating.
    • Height: 2.5m
    From £10.74  Inc VAT

  3. Phyllis Bide

    • Colour: Pink and gold/orange.
    • Shape: Small, double, open centre.
    • Scent: Light.
    • Flower Period: Repeat.
    • Height: 3m
    From £10.74  Inc VAT

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