Blackcurrant, Redcurrant and Whitecurrant Bushes

Redcurrants, blackcurrants and whitecurrants are all for sale here. As with all our Soft Fruit they are UK grown and delivered direct from the nursery to your door.

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  1. Blackcurrant, Ben Connan From £5.75  Inc VAT

    • Fruit: Large clusters of glossy black berries
    • Taste: Sweet
    • Use: Cooking or raw
    • Picking: July-August
    • Height: 1-1.5m
    • Spread: 1-1.5m
    • Spacing: 1.5m
    • Self-fertile
    • Frost resistant
    • Awards: RHS AGM

    From £5.75  Inc VAT

  2. Blackcurrant, Ben Sarek - barerooted for economical winter planting From £5.75  Inc VAT

    • Very large fruit. Sweet.
    • Crops from late June.
    From £5.75  Inc VAT

  3. Ebony blackcurrants are one of the largest blackcurrants around. Nearly as sweet as Big Ben. July-Aug. From £5.75  Inc VAT

  4. Redcurrant, Junifer From £4.90  Inc VAT

  5. Redcurrant, Rovada From £5.00  Inc VAT

  6. Whitecurrant, Blanka From £4.90  Inc VAT

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