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Hybrid Tea Roses

If you are going to say it with flowers, say it with a rose. Imbued with centuries of symbolism, roses speak volumes when words aren’t quite enough, and with Valentine’s Day and Mothering Sunday on the horizon (and bare root season in full swing), now’s the perfect time to think about giving and growing roses.

Unlike a bouquet of flowers, a living rose bush will give pleasure for years, so selecting the right one is important. The choice of roses is practically endless, but we think you can’t go wrong with a bare-root Hybrid Tea rose.

The superstars of the rose world, Hybrid Teas, were developed by French rose breeders in the 19th century. By crossing tender, repeating Tea roses with hardy Hybrid Perpetuals, they created a breakthrough: a hardy, repeat-flowering rose with an upright habit and large sculptural blooms in a rainbow of colours. Hugely popular with gardeners ever since, Hybrid Tea roses are also synonymous with celebration and commemoration, the best-known example being ‘Peace’, the iconic rose that embodied the relief and joy experienced when the Second World War ended.

Peace Hybrid Tea Rose Bushes

Combining disease resistance with ever more colour options, modern Hybrid Teas are easy to grow and the loveliest roses to give and receive. Here are some of the best varieties for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, as well as your own garden.

Best Roses for Valentine’s Day: A red rose like ‘My Valentine’ is the ultimate romantic gesture; this opulent Hybrid Tea has crimson petals whose velvety intensity matches that of the most ardent lover. ‘Ingrid Bergman’ is another irresistible red rose, with movie star good looks, robust health, and spicy fragrance. For clandestine lovers, ‘Deep Secret’ is a witty choice. This richly scented red rose is a sensational cut flower, and it’s relatively thornless, proving that love doesn’t always have to hurt. If a red rose is too obvious, try ‘Remember Me’; its luscious apricot-copper blooms make an unforgettable feature in any garden.

Best Roses for Mother’s Day: What better way to thank your mother this 19th March than with an award-winning rose? ‘Mum in a Million’ deserves her accolades with glossy green foliage and glorious, fragrant pink flowers that bloom all through summer and into autumn. ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ also makes a great choice for Mother’s Day with sumptuous creamy-pink blooms that are long-lasting and fragrant. If pink isn’t your Mum’s thing, take a look at ‘Simply the Best’. This heavenly-scented rose won Rose of the Year in 2002, and it’s still one of the orange roses you can buy.

Mum in a Million Rose Hybrid Tea Bushes

Best Roses for your Garden: Traditionally grown in rose beds, Hybrid Tea roses make an elegant addition to mixed borders. Varieties such as ‘La ‘Rose de Molinard’, ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’ and ‘Elina’ look simply gorgeous in classic herbaceous schemes; in the cutting garden, vibrant Hybrid Teas like ‘Tequila Sunrise’, ‘Fragrant Cloud’ and ‘Just Joey’ will provide months of beautiful bouquets. For those growing flowers for a wedding, don’t forget ‘Polar Star’. This stunning pure white rose is a florist’s favourite for bridal posies and buttonholes.

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