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Buddy Strawberries

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Fragaria x ananassa Buddy

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Buddy Strawberry Bushes

Description of Buddy Plants & Fruit:
Buddy Strawberry plants are everbearing - they fruit from mid July almost until the first frosts. Because they have such a long season, Buddy strawberries do not have the same enormous flush of strawberries in a short period of time that main crop strawberries do. Instead you can pick over your Buddy plants every week for about 16 weeks.

Buddy strawberries have been bred for both disease resistance and fruit quality; the strawberries are firm and resist bruising when they are packaged and transported. The sweet flavour is also quite outstanding Buddy stands up very well to maincrop strawberries such as Elsanta in taste tests.

Buddy strawberries are highly recommended for the home grower and allotment holder.

Browse our variety of strawberry plants or see our full range of soft fruit bushes for sale.

Characteristics of Buddy Bushes:

  • Everbearer.
  • Excellent fruit, good yields.
  • Disease resistant, especially against mildew.

Growing Buddy Strawberry Plants:

Read our detailed information on how to grow Strawberries here.

History & Parentage:
Buddy was bred at the East Malling Research station

Bareroot planting is best done between October and April
Bareroot and potted - what's the difference?

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