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Native Hedge Plants

Mixed native hedging is the cheapest category of hedge plant available, but that is no reflection at all on its quality. It is one of the main building blocks of our countryside landscape for several other good reasons! It is extremely tough, easy to maintain, straightforward to repair if badly damaged, secure against intruders, and great for wildlife. 

There are more species of native hedging in the UK than one might expect. There are hedgerows today that were planted before the Battle of Hastings in 1066, but the plants in them are the descendants, not the originals. So, the age of a mixed hedge can be hard to determine, and a good way to guess is to look at the number of species it contains: the more variety in a hedge, the older it is likely to be. Seeds are borne on the wind, in bird droppings or on animals' feet. Where they come to rest in an existing hedge, especially one that is old and patchy, they can grow relatively undisturbed.

Please note that this section is not our full range of native plants, but only those are excellent for a classic country hedge, and not formal hedges. If you don't see what you are looking for here, please use the search bar to see if we have it. Alternatively, you can use the menu on the left to select "native" on our hedging plants & saplings page, or for our larger, standard size trees here

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Growing a Native Hedge

Conservation Hedge Mix

Choosing Native Hedging

The first consideration is whether you want a mixed hedge or one with a single variety such as hawthorn or blackthorn. Up to you - the latter costs less, the former has more variety. If you want the hedge to be stockproof then make sure it includes blackthorn if you are worried about sheep. Buy native hedge plants bare-rooted, which is far cheaper than potted. They are also much easier to plant.

Planting a Mixed Native Hedge

Follow the instructions in our video on how to plant a country hedge. Remember to mix the plants randomly and then to plant them without paying attention to what is going next to what. The attraction of a native hedge is that it is… well… random. That is how nature works.

You will absolutely need spirals and canes if you have rabbits nearby, and we always recommend using Rootgrow. Unless you need a stock-proof hedge, plant at 3 plants per metre in a single row. If you have livestock, then mixed hedging should be planted at 5 plants per metre in a double row.

Water very well indeed after planting and make sure the soil does not dry out completely in the first spring and early summer. For the same reason, keep the ground under your new hedge clear of weeds until the plants cast enough shade to prevent weed growth themselves. Use an organic mulch after planting or plant through Mypex as shown in the film.

Native Hedge Aftercare

Most important is to make sure your hedge is watered and weed free until it is established. You will also need to reduce the height of your hedge plants by 50% on the day of planting (that's right: chop them down by half). Then, the following winter, reduce all new growth by 50%. When your plants come into growth the following spring, each one should have 9-15 branches and you will have completed the creation of the short, powerful and bushy plants that are the foundation of a thick hedge. There is no other way to get native hedging to be bushy from the base upwards. After that, clip the sides when they are shaggy and the top as you see fit - with each trim you encourage new buds into growth making your hedge bushier.

For more detailed notes, apart from watching the videos mentioned above, have a look at our comprehensive hedging advice.

All our native hedging is covered by our no-quibble Guarantee, which means you can order with complete confidence. Free delivery on orders over £60. Best advice & friendly support throughout. 

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  1. Decorative Hedging Collection

    40-60cms Hedge Plants
    • Leaves & flowers provide year round colour.
    • Attracts wildlife.
    • Ideal garden hedging.
    • Any well drained soil except chalk.
    • Bareroot Delivery: Nov-Mar
    From £112.20  Inc VAT

  2. Bird Feeder's Hedging Collection

    60-80cms Hedge Plants
    • Size: To 4 m
    • Soil: Any
    • Use: Country/environmental
    • Single Row: 3 per metre
    • Double Row: 5/m staggered
    • Colour: pink, white, red, autumn colours
    • Features: Attracts birds, beautiful, intruder proof
    • Flowering: spring and summer
    • Berries: autumn and winter
    From £69.60  Inc VAT

  3. Prunus spinosa

    40-120cms Hedge Plants
    • Height: up to 4m
    • Soil: not chalk
    • Use: Thorny barrier hedging
    • Single Row: 3/m
    • Colour: Green leaves, black branches
    • Flowers: creamy white, late Feb-March
    • Location: Shade tolerant
    From £1.92  Inc VAT

  4. Prunus padus

    60-150cms Hedge Plants
    • Native. Bitter but edible fruit.
    • Used in mixed country hedges.
    • Sizes: Saplings & Standards.
    • Max. Height: 10m
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Mar.
    From £2.58  Inc VAT

  5. Prunus cerasifera

    60-120cms Hedge Plants
    • European, naturalised in UK
    • Edible fruit.
    • Sizes: Saplings & Standards
    • Good hedging & screening
    • Max Height: 10m
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Mar
    From £2.58  Inc VAT

  6. Seaside Hedging Collection

    60-80cms Hedge Plants
    • Will thrive in sandy and salty sites.
    • 1 pack makes 16.5 metres of hedge.
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Mar.
    From £66.00  Inc VAT

  7. Malus sylvestris

    40-120cms Hedge Plants
    • Native tree, dense & bushy, pink-white flowers & hard fruit. Pollinates orchard apple trees.
    • Ideal hedging plant.
    • Max. Height: 10m
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Apr.
    From £2.52  Inc VAT

  8. Elspeth Thompson's Edible Hedging Collection

    40-60cms Hedge Plants
    • A more varied mix of edible plants.
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Mar
    From £70.50  Inc VAT

  9. Fruit & Nut Hedging Collection

    40-60cms Hedge Plants
    • Native, "hedgerow jam" crop.
    • Damson or wild pears, crabapples, hazel, blackberry, cherry plum.
    • Any soil except waterlogged sites.
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Oct-Apr
    From £66.00  Inc VAT

  10. Crataegus monogyna

    40-150cms Hedge Plants
    • Height: 1m to 6m
    • Soil: All soils except a swamp
    • Use: Thorny Informal Native Hedging
    • Single Row: 3/m
    • Double row: 5/m
    • Ultra hardy everywhere in the UK
    From £1.50  Inc VAT

  11. Economy Crataegus monogyna

    40-120cms Hedge Plants
    • Native. Grows anywhere except a bog.
    • Other Sizes: Standard Trees & Larger / Smaller Saplings
    • Perfect country hedging
    • Our best value hawthorn.
    • Max. Height: 15m
    • Bareroot Delivery: Nov-Mar
    From £50.74  Inc VAT

  12. Conservation Hedging Collection

    60-120cms Hedge Plants. 6 species.
    • Native. Qualifies for grant aid.
    • 50% Hawthorn
    • Any soil except waterlogged sites.
    • 1 pack makes 16.5 metres of hedge.
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Mar
    From £64.80  Inc VAT

  13. Native Country Hedging Collection

    40-60cms Hedge Plants. 4 Species.
    • Native
    • Our cheapest hedging mix. Qualifies for grant aid.
    • 70% Hawthorn
    • 1 pack makes 83 metres of hedge.
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Mar
    From £148.80  Inc VAT

  14. Wildlife Habitat Collection

    30-50cms Shrubs
    • Bushes for bird & animal shelter.
    • Not intended for hedging. Thornless.
    • Tolerant of shade & damp soil
    • Mostly evergreen plants
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Mar.
    From £82.50  Inc VAT

  15. Prunus domestica

    60-80cms Hedging
    • Any fertile soil.
    • Vigorous, bushy tree. Edible fruit.
    • Good country hedging.
    • Other Sizes: Larger Standards.
    • Max. Height: 10m
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Mar.
    From £3.36  Inc VAT

  16. Ligustrum vulgare

    40-80cms Hedge Plants
    • Size: to 3m
    • Soil: any, especially poor and dry
    • Use: as a tall hedge or wildlife cover
    • Single row: 3
    • Colour: green
    • Feature: berried
    • Flowering: May to June
    • Berries: November to January
    From £2.40  Inc VAT

  17. Rosa canina

    40-80cms Hedge Plants
    • Thorny, native wild rose.
    • Grows almost anywhere.
    • Good component for mixed country hedging.
    • Max. Height: 3m
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Mar.
    From £1.56  Inc VAT

  18. Rosa arvensis

    50-80cms Hedge Plants
    • Native. Rambling habit.
    • Good for wildlife cover & mixed country hedges.
    • Max. Height: 3m
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Mar.
    From £3.72  Inc VAT

  19. Symphoricarpos x chenaultii

    40-60cms Hedge Plants
    • Tidy hedging shrub.
    • White flowers & pretty pink berries.
    • Grows in full shade & any soil type.
    • Max. Height: 3m
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Mar.
    From £2.40  Inc VAT

  20. Livestock Friendly Hedging Collection

    60-120cms Hedge Plants
    • Mixed native hedging.
    • Safe for horses, cattle etc. No Blackthorn included.
    • 1 pack makes 16.5 metres of hedge.
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Mar.
    From £64.80  Inc VAT

  21. Native Thornless Hedge Collection

    60-80cms Hedge Plants
    • Mixed native, thornless hedging.
    • Safe for children.
    • 1 pack makes 16.5 metres of hedge.
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Mar.
    From £64.02  Inc VAT

  22. Viburnum lantana

    40-120cms Hedge Plants
    • Good native hedging. Crimson autumn leaves.
    • Grows on chalk.
    • Max. Height: 5m
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Mar.
    From £1.92  Inc VAT

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