Cupid Strawberries (Fragaria x ananassa Cupid)Cupid Strawberries (Fragaria x ananassa Cupid)

Cupid Strawberries

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The details

Late Season

  • Crops late June - late July
  • Large fruit with an orange hue.
  • Extremely disease resistant.
  • Firm, stores well
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Cupid Strawberry Bushes

Description of Cupid Plants & Fruit:
With a warm orange centre and good texture, this is a nice strawberry to add to your collection for adding a bit of variety to your desserts. It has strong, glossy skin that helps it last longer after picking, and is perfect for decorative use on cakes. Cupid has great all round disease resistance and is recommended for organic growers.

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Characteristics of Cupid:

  • Late cropping and rain resistant.
  • Crops late June - late July
  • Great disease resistance.

Growing Cupid Strawberry Plants:

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Background Information on Cupid Strawberry Bushes:
This variety was bred at the East Malling Research Station in 2002.