Fig, Medlar and Quince Trees

Some of the less usual of our fruit trees can be found in this section. Given a warm wall and poor soil, figs do very well in the UK. Medlars are amongst the oldest fruit grown here and quinces add a perfume to your garden that is unmatched by any rose or lily. All are relatively easy to grow, many are very hard to find in the shops and none of them taste as good when bought as the real thing from your own garden.

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  1. Fig Trees - Brown Turkey

    Fig Trees - Brown Turkey

    From £10.95
    Brown Turkey Fig Trees in 4 Litre Pots. The best fig tree for growing outside in the UK. Available to buy now.

    Out of Stock

  2. Pot grown Kiwi Vine - Jenny

    Kiwi Vine - Jenny - Pot Grown

    From £9.95
    Jenny Kiwi Plants
    • Eating.
    • Self Fertile.
    • Crops in Late Aug/Sept
    • Ripens off the tree.
    • Year Round Delivery

  3. Nottingham Medlar Fruit - August

    Medlar Trees - Nottingham

    From £12.95
    Mespilus germanica Nottingham

  4. Quince Trees - Serbian Gold

    Quince Trees - Serbian Gold

    From £12.95
    Cydonia oblonga Serbian Gold
    • Fruit: Culinary use. Rich, aromatic flavour.
    • Self-fertile.
    • Ornamental bark and pink blossom.
    • Harvesting: September.
    • Stores well.

  5. Quince Trees Meeches Prolific - Cydonia oblonga

    Quince Trees Meeches Prolific - Cydonia oblonga

    From £15.95

    Quince Meeches Prolific

    • Cooking
    • Perfumed fruit
    • Cropping Oct-Dec
    • Heaviest fruiting quince in UK


  6. Vranja Quince Trees

    Quince Trees Vranja

    From £12.95

    Cydonia oblonga Vranja

    • Culinary
    • Scented fruit
    • Heavy crops
    • Harvest
    • Can be fan trained

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