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Hedging Plants in stock and available for delivery as soon as possible. Because almost all our hedging is barerooted and to keep quality as high as possible, your order is lifted after you have placed it (and we lift in batches), it may be a few days before your plants are ready for packing. You will receive an email within two working days of ordering with a delivery estimate. If you want to see what is not in stock but will be available next season please have a look at all our full list of hedging plants for sale 

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  1. Economy Fagus sylvatica

    40-175cms Hedge Plants
    • Needs good drainage.
    • Holds leaves in winter.
    • Classic Formal hedging
    • RHS Award of Garden Merit
    • Bareroot Delivery: Nov-April
    From £71.11  Inc VAT

  2. Frangula alnus

    60-80cms Hedge Plants
    • Large, hardy native shrub.
    • Ideal for wet, peaty sites.
    • Good for hedging.
    • Max. Height: 7m
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Mar.
    From £2.82  Inc VAT

  3. Hippophae rhamnoides

    60-80cms Hedge Plants
    • Native. Thorny. Edible orange berries.
    • Grows on chalk & the coast.
    • Fixes nitrogen.
    • Good for stabilising sand dunes.
    • Max. Height: 8m
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Mar.
    From £3.60  Inc VAT

  4. Ilex aquifolium

    30-60cms Hedge Plants
    • Evergreen. Any soil with decent drainage.
    • Hardy, tolerates shade.
    • Good formal hedging.
    • Max. Height: 15m
    • Potted Delivery Only: All Year.
    • RHS AGM
    From £5.22  Inc VAT

  5. Economy Carpinus betulus

    • 80-150cms Hedge Plants
    • Native. Tolerant of shade & damp soil
    • Ideal formal hedging, similar to beech
    • Other Sizes: Big trees & smaller saplings
    • Best value for a headstart on your hedge; smaller plants are cheaper.
    • RHS Award of Garden Merit
    • Max. Height: 20m
    • Bareroot Delivery: Nov-Mar
    From £119.44  Inc VAT

  6. Wildlife Habitat Collection

    30-50cms Shrubs
    • Bushes for bird & animal shelter.
    • Not intended for hedging. Thornless.
    • Tolerant of shade & damp soil
    • Mostly evergreen plants
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Mar.
    From £82.50  Inc VAT

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