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We grow pretty much all the hedge plants and sapling trees you could need, many of which are suitable for ornamental use as specimens. 

Hedgerows provide privacy and structure to your garden, protection from the elements, a habitat for wildlife, and an ornamental framing of foliage and flowers for your lawns and flower beds.

To top it off, hedging is cheaper, longer lasting, and much easier to install than a fence.

What is so good about bareroot hedging?

The majority of hedging plants and trees in the UK are planted bareroot, but for many new gardeners, the idea of buying a plant with no soil around its roots feels wrong: how can they survive transit without a pot?

The secret is that they are dormant (sleeping) in winter, and really do not mind being lifted without soil on their roots. While they are out of the ground your plants are kept in ideal, cold, humid conditions until they are picked, quality checked again, packed and sent to you by next-day delivery.

To add interest to a new hedge or woodland, you cannot beat a range of garden bulbs.

All our bareroot mail-order hedge plants come with our Guarantee, and we offer free returns on all the plants you buy from us, so you can give them a whirl with complete confidence.
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